Devin Haney’s Net Worth


Devin Haney, also known as “The Dream,” is among the youngest boxing world champions in global history. Haney has participated in 27 professional fights at 23 and has an unmatched record of 27-0 with 15 KOs. He is #3 in Ring Magazine’s rankings for active lightweight pugilists and Transnational Boxing Rankings. Haney has entered the squared circle 25 times in five years and won five belts.

Devin Haney’s net worth is $5 million as of 2022.

Devin Haney Early Life

Devin Haney was born in San Francisco on November 17, 1998, to parents Renne and Bill Haney. He has three siblings, Sean, Bill, and Arabella. He started interested in boxing at a young age, making everyone around him realize his love for boxing. After his initial education, Devin Haney embarked on his journey to becoming one of the best boxers of the time.

Devin Haney Career

Haney entered the world of lightweight boxing at the age of 7 when he started boxing at home. He later received professional training at the Mayweather Gym at 14. Haney won seven national titles as an amateur boxer and became the youngest boxer to win the Youth World Championship at the age of 17. He also held an amateur record of 138-8 bouts before he started boxing professionally.

Devin Haney had his first two fights in Mexico, as he could not compete in the US at 17. He became the youngest world champion in boxing in October 2019 and has held the record since then. He has also won the titles of IBF-USBA, WBC International, WBC Youth, WBO Inter-Continental, IBF North American, and WBA International.

Haney fought three defense fights against Alfredo Santiago, Jorge Linares, and Yuriorkis Gamboa and defended his title thrice. After defeating these big names, Haney won his fight against Joseph Diaz in 2021. He later expressed his wish to fight against the unified champion George Kambosos Jr. which took place on June 5, 2022. Devin Haney did not lose this match either and beat George Kambosos Jr. to stay undefeated.

They had a rematch at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on October 16, 2022, where he defended his title again and remained unbeaten.

Devin Haney’s Net Worth

Devin Haney’s net worth is around $5 million as of 2022.

Devin Haney Income Sources

Devin Haney has made significant money from his boxing career and set up his own promotion company. Haney got $2 million for his match against Yuriorkis Gamboa and $3 million against Jorge Linares. He also received $700,000 for his fight against Joseph Diaz apart from the 55% pay-per-view share besides many other fights.

Initially, Haney was fighting for around $400,000, but that amount has doubled since his championship wins. He earned six figures in 2019 for his fight against Alfredo Santiago. Devin Haney’s management wanted to set up a battle with Garry Russel Jr. for $1.5 million.

His highest paycheck was $1 million after his first WBC defensive fight against Alfredo Santiago. The match was a “white collar” one in Manchester in which the main event was a YouTuber’s KSI and Logan Paul rematch. Each of the fighters made $900,000 from the match.

He founded Devin Haney Promotions in 2019 and signed a co-promotional deal with Matchroom Sport and Eddie Hearn. He makes from sponsorships, endorsements, and partnering with the American supplement company, Snac. Haney and his father have also launched a CBD product brand, WEDMrecovery.

Devin Haney Charity

Haney has been seen to be involved in charity activities, especially following his wins in different matches. He distributed food in his home state of California and provided cash to those who did not receive food. He also distributed tents and sleeping bags a few days later. Haney also guided the young kids from the Washington Community Center toward a straight path.

The Bottom Line

Devin Haney is the undisputed lightweight boxing champion and has held this title since 2019. He was born in San Francisco on November 17, 1998, to parents Renne and Bill Haney. Haney has participated in 27 professional fights at 23 and has an unmatched record of 27-0 with 15 KOs. Devin Haney’s net worth is $5 million as of 2022. Besides his boxing career, he also takes an interest in philanthropic activities.

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