CRM-based software systems are a must for companies of all sizes. This is especially true for firms that support a B2B strategy. One of the key issues that the best crm systems for small business effectively solve is the automation of monotonous operations and procedures associated with doing business. Such products help in managing any processes that affect the financial well-being of your organization. CRM designed for small businesses enable administration and employees to perform a fairly large set of tasks simultaneously. Automatic work, as well as the assessment of prospective customers is only part of the operations performed by the CRM platform. With these tools, you will create and configure customer profiles, as well as enable your sales manager to identify the highest priority and most important leads. An intuitive user menu and a set of useful functions make CRM for small businesses an effective method that is difficult for a modern salesperson to do without.

Main CRM functions

Any CRM platform performs several basic tasks. They include:

·         collection and storage of customer information;

·         management of client requests;

·         receiving applications;

·         provision of reliable information about the product or services in which the company’s customers are interested.

In addition, the CRM platform analyzes all available data to simplify the making of responsible decisions by your manager or a company leader.

CRM programs to help optimize small business

There are many software tools on the market today that improve the operation of small businesses by helping to simplify all the necessary activities and increase the efficiency of business processes significantly. The best of them are as follows:

1.  HubSpot CRM is a simple and effective free program. If you use it, it will help your business team grow quickly and increase your sales revenue.

2.  Odoo is an integrated platform that allows you to freely change your functionality depending on the needs of a particular client. The system consists of several interconnected modules responsible for sales management, production processes and internal accounting.

3.  Bitrix24 is an efficient and multifunctional platform that successfully meets the requirements of both small and large companies. The developer provides a free option that allows firms to become more familiar with all of its useful features.

4.  Vtiger CRM is a set of software modules that allow small businesses to organize effective time management, increase the profitability of their sales, as well as the return on their investments. With this system, business owners will be able to develop effective marketing strategies and provide quality customer service.

All modern computer software designed for the rapid development of small and medium-sized businesses increase the productivity of managers and executives. With their help, you can avoid routine work, duplication, and misinterpretation of data.


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