If you, like millions of people, enjoy spending your vacation on the high seas, you have likely been on a cruise ship. Enjoying your time at sea includes allowing yourself to be pampered in the spa, getting a massage or some other treatment, listening to different musical groups in the ship’s cafes and lounges, and, in general, experiencing life in a very different way than when you are on land.

What you probably never think about is the possibility of suffering an injury while on the ship, one that would impact your ability to continue the journey and would have negative consequences on your health. Yet, that is precisely what has happened to passengers on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Let’s find out what types of injuries you can suffer while on a cruise ship.

Most Common Injuries on Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Ships operates a fleet of cruise ships from two main ports in South Florida: Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In recent times it seems as though several legal claims have been filed against the cruise line, all of them based on negligent acts, preventable accidents, and omissions.

Floating Amusement Park

Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships are known for their unique floating amusement parks. With all sorts of challenging and enjoyable rides, it is easy to understand how easily anyone could get injured. The perfect combination of slippery floors and high alcohol consumption has resulted in injuries to passengers enjoying their time on the rides.


Sharing the ship with thousands of other passengers and a large number of crew members has also been to blame for a high number of injuries while at sea. People bump into each other, causing them to slip and fall, and other serious injuries have also been known to happen simply by the sheer number of people sharing close quarters.

Shore Excursion Accidents

It is usual for passengers to be offered to tour the different ports at which the ship docks. Once on land, passengers may board buses operated by shore excursion companies. This makes accidents on the road quite complicated since injured passengers do not know where to turn to receive the help they need.

Falling Overboard

It is not in the cruise line’s best interest to accurately report the number of people lost at sea by falling overboard. At issue here is the safety protocols implemented by the cruise line and whether any of these unfortunate accidents could have been prevented.


Although hard to believe, it is common that passengers and crew members to disappear from ships on the high seas. Statistics that paint an accurate picture of these incidents are hard to come by since the cruise company has no incentive to report them. What complicates matters is when these disappearances happen in foreign countries in which governments offer little or no help.

Sexual Assault and Rape

Cruise lines should be responsible for warning passengers of the existence of known dangers such as sexual assault and rape. However, it is more than likely that these warnings are never posted on the ships, and these subjects never come up when planning a vacation. Should this happen to you or a loved one, it is essential to report what happened to the ship’s authorities before leaving the ship.

Although most cruises go on peacefully with no incidents to report, injuries and accidents can occur. Lipcon.com recommends you hire the best maritime legal representation if you or a family member suffers injuries while at sea to get help to fight for your rights.


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