Offer –How to Get One?


Have you heard about the Citi Bank limited special purchase offer? Who doesn’t love to get qualified with an offer that allows them to spend with more ease without worrying about the high APRs? Citi Bank has taken a step further for the convenience of its customers. Citi bank cardholders can enable offers through the mail through their online accounts. 

The bank offers its customers low purchase rates with low to zero interest rates without limiting their spending. If you have been long waiting for an offer that can give a boost to your credit score.

A sudden offer can provide you with personalized benefits, cashback, and rewards. 

What Is The Citi.Com/Specialpurchaserate Offer?

The special purchase offer is an offer for the cardholders of Citi Bank. If you have a credit card, Mastercard, or business card, then you can easily enable these offers to your online account. However, if you don’t have a Citi bank credit card but you want to make the most of these offers, you can always apply.

Perks And Rewards

  • 0% interest for the first 50 days grace period.
  • Installment programs at a reduced rate.
  • Up to 20% discounts from 5,000 partner stores.
  • EMV chip credit cards that are impossible to forge.
  • opportunity to get prizes and gifts, invitations to private parties, trips to major world sports events, and much more.
  • Bonus points that can be spent on air travel, telephone minutes, gasoline, purchases at any store.

Best Citi Bank Cards

  • Citi Diamond Preferred Card
  • Citi Simplicity Card
  • Citi Double Cash Card
  • Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard
  • Citi Secured Mastercard
  • Costco Anywhere Visa Card By Citi

Eligibility criteria for Offer

Keep this thing in my that if you have a poor or bad credit history with a low FICO score, the Citi Bank credit card is not for you. Because Citi Bank is a prestigious platform for managing your finances, money, income, and payments, they don’t allow irresponsible car holders to affect their reputation. To qualify for a Offer, you must qualify for their credit card. 

  1. You must be at least 18 years or more.
  2. You should have a good credit score 700 or above. People with a fair credit score can also apply for specific cards.
  3. You should not be involved in fraud, bankruptcy, or any illegal activity. 
  4. You must be a permanent resident of the United States and hold a national identity card.
  5. You must provide a physical address and a bank account with a stable bank balance and income score. 

Apply for a Citi Bank Credit Card

  1. Go to
  2. Select your credit card type based on your creditworthiness and the credit limit you need to improve your credit score.
  3. Click on the Apply now button on the top of the page.
  4. You will be directed to a new application page at
  5. Scroll down and you will see the application form. you have to fill in all the mandatory fields with your basic, personal, and financial information. 
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions below the form after giving a detailed reading and submit your application.
  7. You will receive a confirmation message soon after the submission. 
  8. You can check your application status by calling or through your account. 
  9. When you get an approval message, you can also track your card with the tracking code through signing in your online Citibank credit card account.

Phone Application (888-201-4523)

You can also apply for a Citi bank credit card by calling the customer service center of Citi Bank. All you need to do is keep your documents handy with you because the representative will ask you about all your personal and financial information. They might ask for the documents so make sure you provide the right information.

Citi Bank Credit Card Activation 

So, you have finally got lucky enough to get approved for Citi Bank credit card and receive it through the mail. Managing, your financing, making emergency transitions, doing balance transfers, and paying off your loans will become a lot easier for you as soon as you activate your Citi bank credit card.

  1. Go to
  2. To activate your credit card, you will first have to register your account for online access. 
  3. On the sign-in box, you will see the link to ‘register for online access.’
  4. Click it continue with the information procedure. First, provide your account information, verify your info, and set up access. 
  5. Review all the information and confirm.
  6. After that, confirm your credit card number, SSN, and security code for your credit card.
  7. Your credit card will be activated within the next 24 hours of submitting request. 

Payment Methods For Citi.Com/specialpurchaserate Offer Credit Cards

Below detailed are the ways through which you can pay your Citi bank credit card bills easily and conveniently.

Online Payments

  1. Sign in your registered account with
  2. Tick the ‘Remember my ID’ in case you forget it. If you have forgotten your username or password, click on the related links below the sign-in box and redeem your username and password through email. 
  3. Search for the menu bar and navigate towards the “Make a Payment” page.
  4. Enter your SSN and credit card number.
  5. After that select your branch code. The payable amount, and the due date for payment. 
  6. Review and submit your payment.
  7. As soon as you receive the confirmation notification, check your Citi Bank credit card balance to be sure. 

Pay Over Phone

Dial 1-800-950-5114 to make online payments if you don’t have a registered account or access to the internet.

Mailing Address

Regular Mail: P.O. Box 9001037 Louisville KY, 40290-1037

Overnight Mail: Citibank Express Payments 6716 Grade Lane Building 9, Suite 910 Louisville, KY 40213

Banks & ATMs

You can search for your nearest Citi bank branches and ATM BY opening

Customer Services 

The customer care services of Citi Bank have always been exceptional. They have set a standard in helping their customers with all their queries. In case, you still want to know something, you can gather detailed information by contacting the customer support team. 

Phone Numbers

Mailing Address

General Correspondence

Citibank Customer Service

P.O. Box 6500
Sioux Falls, SD 57117

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