Chris Sails Net Worth


Chris Sails is a famous YouTube star with 3 million subscribers on his channel, Chris Sails. He runs the YouTube channel with his former partner Queen. They are popular for their vlogs, pranks, and challenges. He also runs his YouTube channel, Chris Sails. He makes money primarily from his YouTube videos and has made quite a lot of money.

Chris Sail’s net worth is $1.5 million in 2022.

Chris Sails Early Life

Chris was born in Detroit on September 23, 1995. He grew up in the area along with his younger brother Dwaine. Chris met Queen Naija Bulls during a high school basketball game in his hometown, and they started dating. Chris Sails married his wife, Queen Naija Bulls, in 2014. They had a baby boy in 2015. However, the relationship was already downhill, and they took divorced in 2017. Chris got arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Parker McKenna, in 2018, who got married to Jay Jay Wilson in 2021.

Besides his first baby with Queen, he also had “Artist” with Erica Madison in 2020 and another baby, “Blake,” with another woman.

Chris Sales Career

Chris and his partner Queen launched a YouTube channel “Chris and Queen” after her appearance in the American Idol season 8. They posted vlogs, a couple of challenges, prank videos, original songs, and song covers. They also have a separate channel with family-related clickbait videos, which mostly have content related to his kids.

However, Queen handed over the channel to Chris after the divorce, and he named it Chris Sails. The YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers at the moment. Queen started a new channel and retained her viewership.

Chris Sails’s Twitter got hacked in 2018, and the hacker tweeted mean content about him and his former partner. And he had to mention to his followers that he was not doing it intentionally, and it was hacked.

Chris Sails Net Worth

Chris Sails’ net worth is $1.5 million as of 2022. He makes his money primarily from YouTube videos. Chris Sails earns around $800 daily, accumulating to $300k a year.

The Bottom Line

Chris Sails is a well-known YouTube artist who gained popularity through his channel Chris and Queen. The fame was credited to Queen’s appearance on American Idol. Queen and Chris were high school sweethearts, yet they got divorced a few years after their marriage. Queen left the YouTube channel with Chris, who named it “Chris Sails” later. His channel has over 3 million subscribers, and he makes $300k annually. Chris Sails’ net worth is $1.5 million as of 2022.


What do Chris Sails do for a Living?

Chris Sails runs a YouTube channel for a living. He uploads pranks, vlogs, challenges, and music videos on his channel.

How much Money does DDG make on YouTube?

Daryl Dwayne Granberry makes around $250,000 from his YouTube channel yearly.

How Old are Chris Sails now?

Christopher Sails was born on September 23, 1995, and will be 27 years old in September 2022.

How Old is the Queen of Naija?

Queen Naija is the same age as Chris Sails, i.e., 26 years old.

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