Channing Crowder’s Net Worth


Channing Crowder is a globally acclaimed American NFL player owing to his game skills. He played for around a decade and made his name among top players. He started playing in 2004 and resigned from the NFL in 2011. Channing is one of the most favorite NFL players, and his fans miss him at the game. He has earned quite a lot of money during his career.

Channing Crowder’s net worth is $12 million as of 2022.

Read further to know everything about Channing Crowder and his family.

Who is Channing Crowder?

Randolph Channing Crowder, Jr, popularly known as Channing Crowder, was born in Pennsylvania on December 2, 1983. He was born to parents Pauline Pope-Crowder and Randy Crowder. He has two sisters, Alanna and Dacia Crowder. Channing’s father played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins as a former NFL Defensive Lineman. Rand Crowder retired in 1982 from his NFL career and later coached the Penn State University team. Channing received his initial education at the North Springs Charter High School.

Channing Crowder’s wife is Aja Crowder, well-known for her role in the TV reality show “Baller wives.” She also played tennis in high school and at Howard University as Division 1 player. They have three children together Channing III, Ava Crowder, and Chaz Lee Randolph Crowder.

Channing Crowder Career

He started playing football at the age of 9 years and played in Sandy Springs as a Linebacker. He gained fame while playing for his secondary school and was selected for SuperPrep’s All-America Team. Channing was among the country’s key thirty linebackers. He collected All-America honors from PrepStar and made it to the top 10 Southeast Linebackers list. He also ranked in the top four Linebackers in 2001 by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Channing Crowder properly started playing football at his university in 2003 with an athletic scholarship. He played at the University of Florida for the Florida Gators from 2003 to 2004. Channing Crowder made the second-highest total for the team and contributed to the success. He was also selected as the captain of Ron Zook’s Florida Gators football team in 2004. However, he suffered a mild-foot sprain in the match against Georgia and had to drop out of the game.

Channing started his professional career in the NFL in 2005 when the Miami Dolphins signed a four-year contract with him. He played 13 games with the team. Channing Crowder suffered various injuries throughout his tenure and returned to the field in 2008. However, he had to eject from the game due to a fight with Matt Light. The Miami Dolphins signed him again in 2009 for three years. Yet, they released him in July 2011 due to a foot injury.

Channing Crowder retired from the NFL in 2011 but announced at Super Bowl’s Radio Row that he might restart his career. Channing also co-hosts numerous TV shows and a weekly YouTube podcast, “I am an athlete.”

Channing Crowder’s Net Worth

Channing Crowder’s net worth in 2022 is $17 million.

Channing Crowder Income Source

Channing Crowder played professionally in the NFL from 2005 to 2010. His NFL career has been the major source of income contributing to Channing’s wealth. Since his retirement announcement, he has been a TV show and podcast host.

Channing Crowder Accident

Channing suffered a truck accident in 2008 when he lost control and crashed his truck into a tree. Luckily he did not receive many injuries, but he was charged with careless driving and escaping from the site of the accident.

The Bottom Line

Channing Crowder is among the most famous NFL footballers, yet he had to take retirement because of recurring injuries. He was born in 1983 and is 38 years old. Channing Crowder’s net worth is $17 million as of 2022. He made a large fraction of his net worth from NFL games. Channing also earns from co-hosting TV shows and his weekly podcasts. He played from 2003 to July 2011 and announced retirement in August 2011.


How Old is Channing Crowder?

Channing Crowder is 38 years old as of 2022.

How Tall is Channing Crowder?

Channing Crowder is 1.88 m or 6.1 feet tall.

What is Chad Ochocinco’s Salary?

Chad Ochocinco played 11 NFL seasons and won Pro-bowl six times. He earned $46.678 million in 11 NFL seasons.

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