Businesses are always working towards devising new and interesting marketing strategies to attract more customers. So far, online sweepstakes have giveaway contests that have proven to be one of the most cost-efficient means of spreading awareness about a brand.

You might be thinking that there are other methods of marketing but there is no doubt that sweepstakes entries are both affordable and efficient when it comes to driving a large traffic to your website.

However, you might need some extra help in doing so. A good contest with amazing giveaways would not be of any use unless you can attract enough audience to make a good start. That’s when websites that list and promote giveaways come in handy.

Here are some useful Platforms that will prove to be quite beneficial in this regard.

 Intern Sushi

This is one of the most trustworthy sites that you can get in touch with. The contests and giveaways listed here come with proper descriptions and guidelines making it easier for interested people to understand how these would work. Moreover, there are multiple guides on Fast Food and Store Chain Company Survey Like dgcustomerfirst etc.

True Sweepstakes

The website has a large fanbase of more than 35,000 subscribers so it is safe to say that this is one of the world’s most renowned sweepstakes directories. It works with both, paid and free listing but experts suggest that paid one is better if you want to execute something big for your own business.


It is hardly unlikely that you wouldn’t have come across Reddit once in your attempt of getting in touch with different communities. Reddit is 100% free and currently has millions of active users so it can prove to be very effective in increasing traffic flow to your website. If used in the right manner, the Reddit platform can easily and quickly spread the word about your giveaway contests and maximize customer’s turnover rate.


This platform works better with big prize sweepstakes. For example, if you plan on giving out over $1000 to the winners through the platform. Later prize winners can simply transfer in card or paypal. This way you simply need to submit your promotion and then use it to attract as many participants as possible.

Giveaway Frenzy

Another reliable source of promotion for giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests are It is a paid website that presents more than 100 marketing and promotional ideas. The team here would handle your submissions quite professionally and make sure you get all the limelight you need for your contests.

Best Gleam

If you want to proceed with promotions and contest awareness without spending a penny then this is the perfect platform to do so. Although it is a bit old and lacks ideas as compared to other updated websites, it is very much capable of getting the job done efficiently.


The last entry that we are going to discuss here would be of This platform lets you promote giveaways and contests using either free or paid listings. Some users have pointed out that free listing is often not guaranteed and paid one provides better results. Nonetheless, can help you reach more than 25,000 subscribers easily and quickly.

So there are some of the websites that you should utilize, either individually or in combination, to increase the reach of your contests and sweepstakes. All of the links mentioned here are 100% legit but we always recommend readers to check the authenticity of websites before providing any sort of information online.


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