Are you looking for a hybrid online file server that can help to boost the productivity of your business? Secure and safe file sharing will help you to boost your business and enhance the profits of your business. Centrestack is a trusted online file server that is trusted by millions of businesses and enterprises. The IT solution providers and other business have used this server for secure file sharing. The services are fantastic, and if you run into any issues, then the customer support service is always there to support you.

Enables mobile workforce

The business has gone global, and you cannot increase your profits by restricting your employees to work from the office. If you want an active and productive mobile force for your business, then choosing a safe and secure online file sharing access is the best choice. With Centrestack services, your employees can work remotely from home or any other locations.

Simple to use

You don’t have to get any training to learn the process as it is simple and convenient. The cloud drive mapping is simple and makes file sharing convenient and easy for you. You can get remote access to windows and other file servers conveniently without any hassle.

Smooth transition

If you are looking for a simplified migration for your file servers, then Centrestack will help you sort out all your issues. You will experience a smooth transition, and the file-sharing process will be made easy and secure.

Self-hosted Dropbox

If you want to simplify mobile access and want to make the process of file sharing simple and easy, then self hosted Dropbox services is the best choice for your business. You can retain the data ownership and share your files securely with the remote workers. Security control and data privacy make it possible for you to allow remote workers to work from anywhere.

Why should you get a self-hosted Dropbox?

Maintain the privacy of your data

You can maintain the privacy and security of your data conveniently. The self-hosted Dropbox is the perfect solution to maintain your privacy because it doesn’t let any other source copy or replicate your data.

Permission control

You will have all the power and control over permitting to access your data. In this way, your data will stay protected, and you can protect your files and documents. The NTFS permissions will be in your hands, and you will be able to control all the private data.

Drive mapping and file locking

The self-hosted drop box gives you all the control over the NTFS permissions. You can drive the mappings according to your requirements and needs, and this will help you get control over all your private data and files. You can also avail the file locking services so that a user cannot access the files without your permission. The drive mapping will allow the remote workers to access files with your permission.


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