Wedding style and destinations change after the COVID-19 pandemic. It has changed most of our lifestyles. People celebrate weddings with fewer people with little space. You might hear the new word intimate wedding in the year 2021. In this guide to an intimate wedding in 2021, you will learn basic things to do for celebrating an intimate wedding.

Very Few Guests

We see weddings of couples with thousands of guests. You can invite as many people as you want to celebrate your wedding. But, from 2020 scenario is changed. The government has restricted people gathering while any events.  In an intimate wedding, you need to limit the guests. You have to invite best friends and close relatives only. Your wedding audience size should be a maximum of 50. It means you have to decrease the guest list on both sides and no other than family members should be invited.


The conservatory is the best to celebrate an intimate wedding. Find a good conservatory supplier in your location to arrange events. You can arrange a wedding with a small dinner with few people. A conservatory gives good space and environment for this type of wedding party. Instead of a buffet, you can choose to sit down for dinner so that people can take dinner by sitting. You can also arrange a small event on the beachside resort with a good open atmosphere. The beachside location is also best for the wedding photoshoot.

Arrangement of Party who are not invited

As you have not invited more than 50 people to your intimate wedding, you can arrange other parties for remaining close contacts. You can arrange one or two parties for people who do not invite in a similar manner or in a casual style. But do not forget to limit the audience due to pandemics. Now a new trend is also for virtual style. You can create a virtual party with Google or Zoom meeting app and everyone gives wishes to the couple virtually. You can arrange two different parties, one for friends and one for close relatives.

Avoid Weekends

You can lower your intimate wedding budget by arranging it on weekdays. As you know that wedding event locations are less in demand on weekdays. You can get more discounts on all the things if you arrange a wedding on the weekdays. Also, there will be fewer people attending a wedding due to busy weekdays. As a result, it will help you to limit the audience on your wedding day. This idea will make your intimate wedding plan succeed.


If you wish, you can spend money on different things related to a wedding as you have saved lots of money on your wedding by the limited audience size. You can spend money on event location. Also, you can spend more money on your prewedding and wedding photoshoot. Also, couples can spend money on their honeymoon instead. You can also arrange band or other events while wedding. Also, some people add deserts and other things to the wedding food menu.

We hope this guide will help you to arrange an intimate wedding in 2021.


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