Letterman jackets have been the norm in American high schools and colleges for about 150 years. High school and college students would wear the jackets as a way to express their pride in their team or school, as well as achievements in athletics, academics, among other activities. However, the letterman jackets have gone out of the school limits; today, anyone can put on a letterman jacket without feeling out of place.

The jackets are made of boiled-wool, a leather sleeved style, and a banded wrist and waistband. The jackets also have an embedded letter, or the high school or college logo which makes them stand out from the rest. Over the years, letterman jackets have advanced in style though the stylists still hold on to the wool body and leather sleeves.

Letterman jackets are not only for schools, but they are also flexible and perfect for a variety of events, be it a basketball game, a friends’ hangout, or a meeting. Despite numerous claims that these jackets are old-fashioned, the reality of the matter is; letterman jackets will remain fashionable for many years to come. There are a variety of reasons why you should reconsider your view on letterman jackets.

Below are a few;

Ideal sportswear

Just as in the past, letterman jackets by VarsityBase best suit a sport setting. The style and design of the jacket give you a stunning look of a sports veteran. Many high schools and colleges continue to award these jackets to the students that excel in athletics. If you’re wondering which outfit will best suit your upcoming baseball, basketball, soccer game, consider a letterman jacket.

Variety in style and design

While some common aspects of a letterman jacket design are retained, the fashion world has had an impact on the jacket. Everyone loves to wear an outfit that is distinct from the rest and the letterman jacket does not disappoint. The jacket has been modified into many styles and designs. This gives you several options to choose from and allows you to stand out from your friends. Many people love this about letterman jackets, so should you!

Used as school uniform

Despite claims that the letterman jackets are out of date, many colleges and high schools continue to use them as their school uniform. They are used to showcase excellence in both athletics and academics, and most schools have integrated them into their school uniform. The jackets come in a variety of colors that allows the schools to have the theme color of their choice. As seen for many students, one can easily identify their college or school by the color of their letterman jacket.


Letterman jackets are known to be light and quite favorable to those who cannot put on heavy jackets. Having a wool body, they have a soft feeling and are pretty comfortable to wear. This means that the jackets don’t feel like a piece of luggage, so you can carry or wear them for a long period.


Letterman jackets have made their way out of high school or college boundaries. Many brands have absorbed the styles and designs of these jackets, and they are well-suited for fashion events. We have seen multiple celebrities donned in this magnificent piece in a variety of customized designs. You can tell that these jackets don’t seem to be getting out of fashion at any time.

Want some ideas on how to rock your letterman jacket? Below are a few;

  • Choose a jacket that is not quite monotonous. Consider a color that reminds you of your high school or college days.
  • If you have a bold-colored letterman, wear black or navy trousers to tone down the whole outfit while your letterman stands out. If you are not into bold colors outfits, you can pair a dark-colored letterman jacket with black trousers.
  • Try out a summer look. A low-cut tank top, black or navy shorts, and slip-on shoes will accentuate your letterman jacket.
  • On cold days, you can rock your letterman jacket for a casual outfit. Consider wearing a neutral scarf as an accessory for that stylish look.

Being up and running in the fashion industry for over a century, you can be sure that letterman jackets are not about to exit any time. Give it a try!


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