Having a wedding registry allows you to keep your wedding equipment and gift shopping list in one place, lets friends and family know exactly what you want – right down to the make and model – and can help you save on the huge costs of everything you need. But where to sign up is not an easy question.  Many people in the U.S. have an Amazon account, so setting up an Amazon wedding registry might seem like a natural choice. With Amazon, you have access to just about every brand and product you like in one convenient place.

Amazon provides the ability to create wish lists. For complete information on how to create or find an Amazon wish list, follow this link. One popular type of wish list is the Amazon wedding registry.

How do I use the Amazon Wedding Registry?

You create a list of your favorite items and then either buy discounted items or send them to your friends. By choosing gifts, they will know exactly what you need and what you want for your wedding. By the way, there is even an option to buy and pay for items in a hoarding if the item is very expensive for one person..

How to create an Amazon wedding registry

When you get to the Amazon wedding registry home page, click the “Create Your Registry” button. You will be prompted to enter your names, address, expected wedding date, and shipping address. That’s all you need to do to create a basic registry. If you want to personalize your registry, there is a section for more information. You can enter a lot of extra information, and write a nice message to family and friends who will check your registry. Amazon contains a helpful sample note, gifts, and suggestions. Once the registry is ready, it’s time to add products.

These are special wish lists that can be timed for weddings, birthdays, or birthdays. There are also many settings that allow you to share these lists, personalize them, send them to friends, link them to a date, and roughly estimate the number of guests. You can decorate them beautifully and even get discounts. You can give guests the option to buy gifts in a pool if they are expensive and above the amount you set. There are also tips here from Amazon itself. Here’s what the wedding registry settings look like , e.g.

You can add items not only from your own Amazon lists, but also from other markets. To do this, you only need to install the Amazon Assistant extension for your browser.

Benefits of Amazon wedding registry

Discount: When you sign up for Amazon, you get a discount. This gives you a 10% discount for Prime members – on one-time purchases of products from your registry.This will happen as soon as $500 worth of items from your list are purchased. You’ll get a coupon from Amazon.  You’ll get an email 60 days before the deadline, and you’ll have up to 60 days after the deadline to use it. That means you can save expensive honeymoon items, car seat and stroller, about eight weeks before the deadline or even place a big order after your wedding.  


  • Free shipping and a clearance discount that will save you over $300.
  • You can add items from any site.
  • Almost everyone has an Amazon account, which makes shopping easier.


To get the most benefit, you need to sign up for a Prime membership.


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