Successful businesses try to keep their competition in check. Competitors have the potential to pull you down and even drive you out of business if you are not careful. Fortunately, it is possible to keep things under control. This is where competitive Intelligence comes in. You need to invest in useful tools that will help you take charge of the competitive industry. Below are some of the best tools to apply when trying to figure it out. Businesses need to know which tools work for them and avoid those that do not.

1. Crunchbase

Many businesses may not look at Crunchbase as a tool they would leverage for competition, but it is a great tool to use in real life. It works for instances where one needs to have a quick review of the competitor’s financial standings. Crunchbase can be a real and reliable source to use, especially when you have limited time to peruse detailed financial data or if you need quick details for a decision. Once you understand the financial advantage has, you can make better decisions based on the conclusions made. What’s more, knowing the stock’s value, recent acquisitions, and general investments a competitor makes will help you choose right. Crunchbase works well in competitive Intelligence because it follows an integrated approach that combines several other tools to supply extra information about competitors.

2. Talkwalker

If your business can thrive or improve when it tracks competitors, then this is the opportunity it needs to thrive. This app allows you to follow news and use social media conversations involving your competitor. Such content can be useful when planning how best to deal with an ever-rising competition. When you what is coming, then you prepare well for it before it hits you.

3. Owler

Businesses use this tool in their competitive Intelligence endeavors to determine their competition. It works perfectly since this knowledge helps them strategize on how to position themselves better. It offers relevant content on customers, partners, prospects, vendors, and other relevant industry players. You will love the fact that the tool will pull up relevant competitor information and even carry out a mini analysis just to offer you the right perspective.

4. Similar web

This tool works for businesses that need to optimize after carrying out an analysis and comparing with competitor performance. Usually, the tool provides insights on general competitor performance. You can always tell if the competitors’ sites get more visitors and if visitors linger longer on the site than they do on yours. Such useful information can be used to improve your own to beat the competition or level up. Either way, utilizing this information appropriately means that you get to enjoy better traffic on your site. Visitors may be finding better content on your competitors’ site than they do on yours, hence their preference to visit the competitors’ page.

5. SpyFu

This is yet another excellent tool that focuses on SEO improvement compared to the competition around. It concentrates on keywords, Google analytics, and paid ads in a bid to help the business develop better SEO strategies to help survive a highly competitive environment. Whatever you come up with after the research will inform the decision to either include or exclude some of the strategies. In the end, the goal is to perform and outshine your competition after carrying out the comprehensive competitive Intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence is one of the most crucial aspects of any business strategy to deal with rising competition. It is essential first to know what is at stake before making a move. Whatever a business decides, analyzing the competition is crucial to their success


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