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Credit One Bank Card

Whether you have bad credit or you need to improve your credit score from fair to good, Credit One Bankcard is the best option to choose. All you have to do is apply online and you are good to go with all your finance management, payments, loans, debt clearance, transactions, and much more. 

People with a poor FICO score and bad credit history can also apply for a Credit One Card if they are not involved in any unlawful activity or bankruptcy at the time of applying.

Credit cards help you a great deal in covering your emergency expenses, like a sudden accident, your car insurance, home renovation after a sudden disaster, or medical expenses.

Although getting an unsecured credit card is expensive with a bad credit line, getting a Credit One credit card won’t be a problem. You don’t have to pay any monthly or one-time application fee to get your hands on their credit cards. 

Best Credit One Bank Cards

Following are the best credit one bank cards that you can apply and manage your finances in a better and more convenient manner.

Perks And Rewards

Credit line increases are not guaranteed and depends on how well you manage your payments and account, following are some of the guaranteed perks and rewards of having a Credit One Credit Card:

  1. You will get 1% cashback on gas, groceries, internet services, mobile phone services, TV services, and satellite services. 
  2. 1% cashback on all other purchases as well.
  3. 5% cashback the first $5,000 spend on gas, internet, phone, travel, and groceries for the first year.
  4. The annual fee from the first year will remain between $0 to $75.
  5. 3% (minimum $1) on every foreign transaction.
  6. 25.49% regular APR rate that is variable.
  7. $0 fraud liability 
  8. You will get immediate spending power as soon as you activate your card. 

Eligibility Criteria For Card

Like every other credit card, credit cards also have some requirements for approval. You need to fulfill them in order to become eligible for qualification. If you are confident about having a good FICO score and an excellent credit history, you can also check whether you can pre-qualify for the Credit One card through 

Other than that, you will need to match the below-detailed eligibility criteria:

  • A credit score ranging between 300 to 670 or more.
  • You should not be involved in any case of delinquency or bankruptcy.
  • You must fulfill the age criteria that is 18 years.
  • You must be a permanent resident of the US.
  • You must have a valid bank account.
  • Make sure you haven’t already applied for any other card with the same credit line.

Apply For Credit One Bank Credit Card

You can easily apply for your new Credit One Credit card through the following ways:

Apply Through Phone Number

If you currently don’t have access to an internet connection, the simplest way to apply is to call. Dial 1-800-752-5493 and connect to a customer care specialist to proceed with the application process. Keep all your documents handy and provide them with all the information needed.

Apply Online 

  1. Go the official website of Credit One Bank
  2. Search for the credit cards page and choose your credit card
  3. Click the Apply Now button below the details of the card.
  4. You will be redirected to a new page
  5. You have to fill all the required fields with your full name, address, residence type, city, state, zip code, phone number, SSN, monthly income and date of birth. 
  6. Click on Card Offers, and you will open anew application page. Complete the form and submit. 

Activation By Phone At 1 (877) 825-3242.

Unlike other credit card application options, the credit card has only one application method. There is no online option to apply for your Credit One Bank Credit Card. Dial 1-877-825-3242 and proceed further. Make sure that you call from the number you mentioned in your application form. Enter your 16-digit card number, your SSN, your date of birth, and your 3-digit security code to activate your card.

Credit One Bank Card Payment Methods 

Remember that you need to make all the payments on-time if you don’t want to be indebted and end up bankrupt. The late payment penalty fee of Credit One Credit Card can be up to $37

Make Payment Online

best credit card
  1. Visit or login to your account 
  2. Search for the “make a payment” tab.
  3. Click on it to go to the next page where you will be required to enter your credit card number, SSN, and security code. 
  4. Enter the payable amount and pay your bills online. 
  5. You will receive a confirmation notification after which you can check Credit One credit card balance.

Pay Over Phone

Make payments over the phone by calling the payment center of Credit One Bank at 1-888-729-6274. You can play 7 days a week without any hassle as the customer representatives are there for your round the week.  

Mailing Address

Credit One Bank
Payment Services
P.O. Box 60500
City of Industry, CA 91716-0500

Customer Support Service 

Credit One Bank has never failed to assist their customers in every possible manner. For that, they have created separate departments for helping you through every issue. You can always contact their customer care specialists through the following means:

Official Website:  

General Correspondence Mailing Address:

Credit One Bank
P.O. Box 98873
Las Vegas, NV 89193-8873

Automated Account Information:

1-877-825-3242 (toll-free)
1-702-405-2042 (outside the U.S.)
(24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

Application Information:

(5 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mon – Fri, 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sat & Sun / All Times Pacific)

Lost or Stolen Cards:

(24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

Credit Protection:

(5 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mon – Fri, 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sat & Sun / All Times Pacific)

Website Related Inquiries:

(5 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mon – Fri, 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sat & Sun / All Times Pacific)

Social Media Related Inquiries:

(8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mon – Fri / All Times Pacific)

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