As a medical professional, you spend more than 12 hours of your day in scrubs. If you don’t feel comfortable in your medical uniform, it reflects on your work performance. Ill-fitted or uncomfortable men’s scrubs are never the right choices.

You wouldn’t like to wear them for long. Hence, do your research correctly and follow this fitting guide to choose the perfect size uniform. For a totally different look, must see

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Take Accurate Measurements

Before looking online for the best-fitted scrubs, measure yourself. Taking accurate measurements with a flexible tape helps in choosing the right size of the scrubs. Measure your chest, waistline, and hips at their widest parts to get a comfortable fit.

Take off your shoes to stand in a perfect posture to measure from head to toe. Since you can’t manage this feat on your own, you may ask a friend to measure you. For bust, breathe in and out to measure around your shoulder blades and under your armpits. Measure your hips by keeping your feet a few inches apart.

For scrub pants, measure the inseam or the inside of your leg to an inch above your ankle for the right length. For future reference, you may even write these measurements in a notebook.

Look at the Available Sizes

Once you get the measurements, you can start looking at the sizing charts of various brands. Also, remember that every brand has different cuts and sizes. The medium size of one company can be small for another. So, compare your figures with each sizing chart and choose accordingly.

If you like a tight fit, you may go for the exact size, but if you like loose clothing at work, choose one size larger than your measurement.

Choosing the Scrub Pants

From tapered to straight cuts, scrub pants are available in different styles to suit every requirement. If you like a skinny feel, choose jogger scrubs with a skinny leg and an elastic cuff. The fitting will remain close to your leg, right above the ankle.

Flare pants have a wider hem, and they are fitted loosely around the calf to allow smooth movement throughout the day. If you remain too much on your feet every day, this fit can work for you. Straight fit falls in a single length from knee to the ankle.

Another critical size is the waist measurement of the scrub pant. Depending on your comfort level, you can buy mid-rise, low-rise, or natural waist in the men’s scrubs. For a perfect fit, select the pants with their rise sitting slightly below your natural waistline. They should be relaxed and have more room through your hips and thighs.

Choose Stretchable Fabrics

Despite your best measurements, you may end up with improperly fitted scrubs that do not allow any room to breathe. Hence, it will be wise on your part to buy scrubs in stretchable materials. Spandex is the right choice due to its stretchiness and blended fabric. You can find cotton or polyester blend in spandex to allow comfort and stretch throughout the day.

You spend a lot of time in scrubs. So, invest in the garments that offer wrinkle-resistance, moisture-wicking, quick-drying capabilities, and a perfect size.

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