The Pure Magic of Malta

Magic of Malta

A picturesque Mediterranean destination, Malta is a small island with a big character. You can come and enjoy the combination of ancient history and modern style in the form of historic ruins and contemporary beach resorts. The elegance and style of the island are undeniable; you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world when you come to visit Malta. To help you better plan for your vacation, here is a list of Malta’s top attractions and tourist activities.


The hilltop medieval fortress and town of Mdina is one of the characterizing landmarks of Malta. Step back in time to a fairy-tale land by visiting the historic fortress and castle of Mdina, one of the most impressive monuments of the island. Mdina is also known for its ornate and lavishly decorated palaces, which are the perfect place to visit if you want to really get a feel for the glory days of the city. Top palaces to tour are the Palazzo Santa Sofia, and the Palazzo Falson. Photographers in Malta won’t want to miss a trip to Mdina for the excellent photo opportunities the city offers.

Tarxien Temples

Tarxien Temples

Going back even farther than medieval times, to get an up-close experience of the ancient times of Malta you can visit the Tarxien Temples, famous for being the island’s best-preserved prehistoric site. The entire site covers a space of about 5,400 square meters and is full of interesting rock carvings, sculptures, and other stone formations. Most of what is found outdoors in the archaeological site are reproductions while the originals are kept safe and preserved in the National Museum of Archaeology.


The capital of Malta is a place every tourist should explore. An elegant and historic city, Valletta also has high-class contemporary development giving it a good combination of activities and attractions. Once inhabited by the Kings of Malta, the city still displays the former glory and grandeur of palaces and lavish decorations that were made during historic times.

The Grand Harbor and the Marsamxett Harbor border the city and are testimony to the important role Valletta plays as a hub for import and export. It’s also an easy place to navigate due to the grid-like plan of the city which dates back to its construction during medieval times. Make sure you tour the Grand Master’s Palace, one of the most elegant buildings in the city where the Knights of Malta used to live.

The lavish paintings of the palace aren’t only beautiful, but they also tell an important history of the city and the victories of the knights. There are plenty of other museums and historic sites in Valletta where you can view artwork, artifacts, and learn about the development of the island.

The island of Malta is a Mediterranean dream; combining North African and European influences, Malta has a unique culture, culinary scene, and atmosphere. Local professional photographers from Localgrapher understand the qualities that make the island special.

You can rest assured that with an expert photographer at your side, all of the important parts of your trip will be preserved in your vacation photographs. In Malta, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a bit of royalty yourself; with so many amazing palaces and fantastic historic sites, your vacation will be defined by a sense of elegance and style perfect for photographs.

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