How Can Technology Help Students Today?

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E-books, tablets, smartboards, smartphones. The list of technology goes on and on. Used in education, technology enhances the learning experience of modern students. Though doomsday sayers forecast the end of education because of technology, the latter holds tons of benefits.

Sure, problems like excessive screen time and social media distraction will always exist. However, minimizing technology in the classroom will serve no good for both students and teachers. Why so? Check the reasons provided by our experts below.

Technology Saves Time

Do you remember those old-generation essays one has to write with a pen on paper? Meanwhile, a computer gives students a margin for error. Typing, copying, and deleting are amazing functions on one’s keyboard. No longer does a learner have to throw a paper-written essay away and write it from scratch in case of a grammar mistake. Even better, a modern student can order an essay in a few clicks and focus on college life.

How does Technology Save Time?

  • A student can access electronic libraries without visiting a real library. Hence, no need to commute from one place to another;
  • A student can watch video materials at home. There is no need to go to a cinema theater or buy special equipment to watch a movie;
  • One can get in touch with their professor immediately without waiting for days or weeks.

Technology Improves Communication

Social media is both a godsend and a curse. Instagram makes you question whether you’re dieting or exercising enough. In the end, social media can destroy one’s self-esteem. Nonetheless, if used properly, social media helps students become better learners.

  • With the use of social media, students and teachers stay in touch constantly. This means that a student can reach their classmates and teachers anytime. When students get their questions quickly answered, they study efficiently;
  • Social media is an underestimated ice-breaker. A teacher may ask students to create a video about themselves, their hobbies, and values;
  • Real-time classes and chatting are powerful features when it comes to remote COVID-19 education.

Technology Makes Education Accessible

Technology opened doors to remote education. Earlier, studying meant leaving one’s parent’s house and moving to the dorms. Nowadays, don’t get nostalgic about your hometown because you no longer need to leave it. In fact, more universities suggest online courses and remote degrees.

  • Online platforms. The rise of online educational platforms like Coursera or Khan Academy has changed the game. Platforms suggest courses at a low price or as a free option. If you pay for the course, you get the certificate. Keep in mind that there is no document if you’ve decided to feed your curiosity for free;
  • Online degrees. Top universities like Harvard suggest courses that are cheaper than traditional learning. You can study at the best universities without leaving the comfort of your home;
  • Learning apps. Tools like Quizlet allow students to improve their knowledge outside the classroom walls.
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Technology Improves Collaboration

Modern software enhances teamwork. For instance, while working on a project, students can collaborate in Google Docs. Another option is using interactive boards for creating presentations. Educational software allows students to live-edit their projects and leaves comments. Students can also exchange text, images, and videos in chat sections.

Long gone are the days of a poster board! On-screen presentations allow collaborators to add links and music accompaniment. At the same time, technology teaches compromising. Obviously, students will have different opinions about the presentation’s design and the music.

Technology Promotes Freedom of Expression

Not all students are fans of video communication. Some prefer text chatting, while others are fond of voice mails. Thanks to technology, students can communicate in ways they’re most comfortable with. The same goes for doing projects. Students can choose creativity tools that correspond to their tastes. While some fancy YouTube video making, others will use Photoshop or Live Brush. You can get Photoshop 7 0 free download on various sites by making a quick search on bing, yahoo, or google.

As for the studying process, students may choose to watch YouTube tutorials over online lectures. Anyway, technology keeps students’ right to expression in education.

Technology Saves Money

This may sound controversial. However, tech devices save the user money in the long run. Just imagine. You buy a laptop and immediately get tons of opportunities for studying. You can engage in remote educational experiences like online courses. Most of them are free. Without a laptop, you would have had to engage in traditional classroom programs, which all cost money.

Additionally, you may upload software to acquire new skills like language learning or drawing. Again, language courses cost money. With a laptop, you can master a new language at home.

Final Thoughts

Technology provides grand opportunities in the field of education. Magic software tools for studying save precious hours and money. They also make education cheaper and provide students with new ways of expression. Both software and hardware are wonderful tools to enhance effective learning.

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