If you ever want to revamp one section of your house without making major changes, I would suggest changing the look of the staircase. Yes! Staircases are the most neglecting yet most classy looking area. Irrespective of any shape, they can instantly draw attention when someone enters the house. They explain its beauty in its own way and look eye-catching.

With that being said, if you want to change the look of your house and don’t want to go over budget, here are a few tips and tricks you can follow:

Ditch The Traditional Carpet Look: 

Carpets over stairs are outdated and look very basic; think of something simple yet elegant. You can show off your natural wood finish by adding a pop of color to the paint. If colors are your favorite thing, try adding fabric patterns to decorate. Bonus tip: You can remove the fabric and colored paper patches in case you didn’t like it.

The Stairs Should Complement The Sidewall:

Your stairs and the adjacent wall should complement each other. So if you have dark brown stairs, make sure the wall is of light color. You can go for pastels or whites. You can also add photo frames or mirrors to enhance the area. Besides, the stair wall also makes the perfect place to hang family pictures, certificates, and other achievements.

Give Your Staircase Classic Black Paint: 

How about trying chalkboard paint? Black always looks classy, so adding it to the staircase will make the place look attractive and impressive. You can add a hint of turquoise or yellow to make it impressive. Also, black adds a non-skid grid to the stairs and doesn’t need much hassle. Also, the color itself is bold and doesn’t need anything else.

Don’t Forget The Railing and windows: 

The handrail provides comfort and support and makes the stairs stand. You can also make it impressive by adding vibrant color or just sticking to the basic gold for a classy look. Handrails can either be of wood or iron, depending upon your choice and the window material. Also, if you have the floor-to-ceiling windows from https://www.timbawood.co.uk/georgian-sash-windows-london/, make sure your railing compliments it. If you have wooden aesthetics, the wood handrail will perfect.

Wallpapers Are Trendy:

If you are looking for a stress-free and easy-to-do thing, wallpapers are for you. They are easy to apply and remove. Try basic ones if you have bold interiors and colors. However, you can also go for prints, designs, and dark colors.

Try Bulbs And Lights:

Unlike other places, the staircase requires height that is double the height of the home. This also means that the place should have more light and bright. So, try adding a chandelier or hangings. Fancy lights or rim lights can also be used to enhance the look. You can also use bulbs at the end and the beginning of the handrails.

Make Them Green: 

Plants are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of adding vibrancy and bloom to any place. You can use hanging planters or indoor plants on each step.

Try Monotones:

 Adding similar tones to the stairs and the adjacent wall also makes a perfect combination. However, if the color block is going overboard, you can add sceneries to the wall to complement the look. Pro tip: Add pink; it’s vibrant, pleasing, and looks very cool.


Amazing stairs require the most amazing efforts, so try the ideas mentioned above and add attraction to your place without breaking the budget. Also, if you have more ideas, do let us know in the comments.


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