What Happens when you Stop Taking Fat Burners?

Stop Taking Fat Burners

It’s important to have a whole-picture plan for burning fat that includes the end game. Many people use fat burners to kick off their “body transformations.” However, knowing what to expect when you stop taking fat burners is important. Here’s the lowdown on fitness after fat burners.

What are Fat Burners? Why Take Them?

Fat burners are dietary supplements formulated to help your body burn excess fat. Many use naturally occurring ingredients that activate the body’s metabolism to burn more calories. They can also decrease appetite and hunger to make it easier to follow a healthy diet.

Many people take fat burners to get rid of stubborn fat that isn’t coming off with diet and exercise alone. These weight-loss aids can be especially helpful for pockets of fat in specific “problem areas” like the stomach, arms, and thighs. Finally, the fact that fat burners enhance fat oxidation during workouts helps many people to see better results from the gym when it comes to reducing fat, increasing muscle, and boosting lean body mass.

What Happens when you Stop Taking Fat Burners?

Many people are very pleased with the way fat burners help them to get that edge. However, there comes a point when a fat burner has done its job. This is where some people who have been taking fat burners that rely on stimulants to produce results can get into some trouble.

“Many fat burners rely primarily on a heap of cheap stimulants to work, including chemicals that can be harmful to your health when consumed regularly,” according to Legion Athletics. Fat burners that are packed with stimulants can push the body into a state of “fight or flight.” The person taking them may constantly feel “hyped up” or “jittery.” When it’s time to get off of stimulant-filled fat burners, it’s possible that a big crash is waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, being in a chronic state of “fight or flight” essentially boils down to being in a constant state of stress. This is very taxing on the body. What’s more, it has the potential to throw hormones and vitamin levels out of whack. Elevated levels of cortisol (stress hormone), adrenalin, and noradrenalin can create an emotional, hormonal and physiological tailspin.

Stopping a fat burner that’s powered with stimulants can actually erase the benefits because stress hormones like cortisol are known to trigger weight gain and fat storage due to the fact that the body is in “panic” mode. Finally, a person can experience adrenal exhaustion caused by “running out” of cortisol. This is where a person experiences a “crash” that creates exhaustion, lethargy, and burnout.

Stop Taking Fat Burners For Girl

While this can sound bleak, it doesn’t have to happen. The key is choosing the right fat burner to avoid the negative side effects of coming off of fat burners. The negative side effects of stopping fat burners after getting the results you want are really caused by coming down from stimulant usage. The solution is to use a stimulant free fat burner. A good stimulant-free fat burner will use science-backed ingredients for fat burning and weight loss instead of simply ramping up your body with an influx of stimulants.

Final Thoughts on Getting what you Want from a Fat Burner

It’s easy to get caught up in the crash-and-burn cycle of many popular fat burners. The way around the crash is to use a stimulant-free fat burner that has ingredients that boost fat loss, reduce cravings, preserve muscle and enhance your performance during workouts for sustainable results.

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