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Professional office software was created to help with every possible working need of yours. From organizing online meetings to creating excellent systems for managing your company: with professional programs, you got it covered.

But in the ocean of mediocre and frankly useless apps, it is not so easy to find software that will really help you grow your business.

So to help you with this matter, we collected the top five best tools for businesses of any caliber, and in the end, we will share with you how we choose apps and tools that fit our business perfectly.

Microsoft 365

So, what is Microsoft 365, and how will it help your business? It is an all-in-one package that covers all the communication and workflow needs of any company: from small family businesses to huge corporations. This pack of programs includes Microsoft Office, 1Tb Google Disc space, access to various useful business tools like chats, corporate email, etc. It is perfect for bigger companies that need a secure and reliable system to save all their communication.

As for other great services Google gives to business clients, we would like to recommend you to use Google My Business and Google Docs. The first one allows you to add information about your company in a profile that’s available for any search engine user and literally puts you on the map. Well, Google Maps.

Google Docs is an online and free alternative for Google Office programs. It is very easy to use, other users can make their additions to your files if it is needed, and you can see a history of changes in the document and bring back previous versions whenever you need.

CRM Systems

Have you ever asked yourself, what does CRM stand for? Well, here’s your answer: it is software for the administration and managing of the business. It can include collecting data, receiving and managing orders, creating and editing information about a company’s products.

Different CRM platforms offer various functionality, so it is easy to find the one that will fit your needs perfectly. Popular CRMs like Bitrix24 or Zoho CRM offer a wide range of features and will work excellent for both small and big businesses. But we recommend you check all the options before making your choice. Transferring from one CRM to another can be a pain, so it is better to start from the right foot on this matter.

What’s absolutely true is that it is so much easier to manage a company of any size with a CRM system. We really advise you to add one to your list of must-have software, because it is a game-changer.

Movavi Screen Recorder

In the weird age of video conferences and employees that can be thousands of miles away from you, recording your online meetings is more than an average thing. Choose among the best screen recorders that work amazingly for this task.

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It helps to record your screen during conversations, presentations, and meetings to share this record later with the group. You will have these materials forever, and if needed, you will be able to come back to any part of the conversation.

Another good use of the Movavi screen recorder is to record online interviews for members of the team who can’t be present on it. It will make HR’s work so much easier, and the process of finding the right candidate will go so much faster from now on.

Hubspot Marketing Hub

The famous marketing tool Hubspot Marketing Hub is the best marketing solution for both small and enterprise companies. This all-in-one tool offers various plans starting from free and up to professional ones that will cover almost all your marketing needs.

Hub’s features include but are not limited to email marketing, ad management, creating of landing pages, integration of the messaging with your clients, which includes chatbots and live chats, integration with analytical tools like Google Search Console, etc.

Professional and Enterprise plans also include help with content, ads optimization events, video hosting, SSL certificate, help with social media, and many more. It is a perfect solution for all the marketing needs of a company of any size, and you will not regret adding this useful tool to your personal, professional toolbox.


Slack is the true king of corporate messaging. It is the best messenger for companies because it covers almost all office needs in casual and professional communication. You can easily find any colleague in Slack and create a separate chat with them.

Slack allows the creation of private chats and chats for everybody. It perfectly works for both personal and professional communication. It integrates with many useful services like Google Docs, GitHub, Zendesk, and many more.

In addition, Slack is a very safe program, and your information is secure with it. That’s why such big companies like Adobe, Medium, and Buzzfeed use it.

How to choose software that will work for your team?

Besides the tools we have mentioned today, the web offers office employees countless other programs and apps. In this part of the article, we would like to share with you our 5 tips on choosing the right office software. Every time we think about adding another app to our arsenal, we check whether a tool meets the following requirements:

  1. Flexibility: You need to have the option to customize the software according to your needs.
  2. Convenience: It should be easy to use and intuitive.
  3. Approachability: The program should be available in browsers and on all mobile and computer platforms.
  4. Safety: Your information should be absolutely untouchable and protected within the program.
  5. Reliable: Software should work without any bugs, glitches, or constant updates or fixes.

This is our must-have list, but you can, of course, add some other points to your personal list. But as a guideline, this list will help you to find your own perfect office software.

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