Get Cash for your House we Buy Houses in Southern California

Buy Houses in Southern California

There may be reasons that homes may go up for sale in South California. Financial situations, legal battles are just a few among the known causes of selling a property.

Peculiar with these situations, is a means for selling a house to a cash buyer and not worrying about the traditional underlying costs associated with selling a Californian home.

Many companies can buy your house for cash in Southern California. Most of them consider factors like renovation cost when pricing your property. However, few home buying companies like buy houses as-is and with cash.

Why Selling Property for Cash is in High Demand Today

Don’t be mistaken, people still follow the old route of selling a house, where you put out a sale order, engage the services of a realtor, and probably wait weeks or even months before you can close the sale. The real estate agent you hire will get a commission as the middleman, and this could be in the thousands of dollars depending on the value of the house.

If you don’t want to engage the services of a realtor, you can also go by the “sell by owner” method. List your property, take up the marketing, as well as negotiations with potential buyers, and save extra costs for commission. Besides this, prepping the home for inspection is another factor, renovation costs are nail-biting and could eat deep into your savings.

Both methods are still valid but take time and effort. Because you’re not experienced, your “sell by owner” method could last a year before you successfully sell off your property.

Have you ever wondered “how do I sell my house fast for market value?” because it’s possible to sell the house for less than the accurate value for the house. Well, you’re not alone.

How to Sell your House for Cash

The whole process of selling a home directly for cash may sound complex, but we have broken it down to help you understand how the process works.

  • You contact a reputable real estate firm with your email address, home address, phone number, and name.
  • A member of their customer support will get across and initiate the conversation, asking you for details about the property.
  • They schedule an inspection of the property and come visit. You show proof that you’re the legit owner of the house.
  • Once they see the house and inspect its facilities, they make an offer to you. It’s normal practice to give you time to sleep on the offer and make your decision.
  • If you’re satisfied with the offer, payment is made and you sign over the deed of ownership.
  • The entire process is supposed to last for a week or less.

A major advantage of selling your Southern Californian house for cash is that there are no miscellaneous costs. Get an offer, get your full cash and you’re done.

We Pay Cash to for Their Houses

Who do we Pay Cash to for their Houses in Southern California?

We buy houses in Southern California from anyone who can prove they’re the owner and willing to sell. With our experience over the years, people in certain circumstances put their houses for sale

  • Those who inherited a house and don’t have any emotional attachment to the property, with certainly no desire to pay taxes for
  • People currently going through a divorce and want to sell the house as part of the settlement
  • Bad loans with the house as collateral. They sell to avoid foreclosure by the lender
  • People relocating to another city and don’t have the time to put it on the market
  • People who sell the house to settle expenses incurred from medical issues
  • Those who own a home that urgently needs renovation, but don’t have the time, funds, or the willpower to undergo the stress of renovation by themself

These are just some of the circumstances that people find themselves in and want to sell. If you find your condition here, you’re not alone. There are lots of people who’re in the same situation and want to be free.

How Property Escape Buys your House for Cash

There are lots of companies that buy houses for cash in Southern California, but only a few offer you a price that represents the value of your property. Some of them still have huge demands before making an offer which is once and final, and you may be tempted to sell because of circumstances.

You should choose a realtor that’s only interested in seeing the house and confirming that you own the house. Any other information required shows the agent is only interested in frustrating you and buying cheap on the dollar.

Next, find out if the agent has closed deals of such nature in the past. A good way to do this is to go online and research authentic realtors. Listen to testimonials of other clients that have benefited from the deal. If you don’t find any, that means many people avoid them and you should too.

Another important tip is to find a realtor that offers you the full value of your house, no matter the condition it currently is. This is a tricky point because many companies factor in renovation costs when making an offer. If they don’t make an offer that portrays the value of the house, they’re not the one for you.

An example of a firm that ticks the above boxes is Property Escape. They’re well known in Southern California with lots of positive reviews. At Property Escape, we buy houses in Southern California and go further to offer tangible consultations to help you in the moving out process. We stand out from many companies in the business because we’re not just about the house, but are concerned with the stress the client will face when moving out. That’s why we offer a $5,000 bonus that will cover your moving-out expenses.

When we buy houses in Southern California, we’re not concerned about the condition of the house. We’re well known in the area where we get most of our deals from referrals from past clients. At Property Escape, we determine the truthful value of the house and make an offer that will reflect that value.

We believe that you, the client, have the final say on when the house should be closed. This is why we encourage our customers to take their time to consider the offer made before deciding to sell or not.


Selling a house in Southern California has never been easier than it is now, and using Property Escape makes it smoother than ever. Now, you don’t need to worry about getting low value for your house because you want to sell directly for cash without involving middlemen.

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