The Top 6 Romantic Spots in Paris

Wedding Spots in Paris

Celebrating the banks of the Seine River, Paris has something mystically appealing in its architecture, air, and atmosphere. The charm has attracted couples from across the globe for a long time. It’s not just the most romantic locations within Paris that make the city so unique.

The natural appeal of the town is in the small things: the exquisite tea salons, elegantly trimmed trees, and the fall leaf from London Plane on cobblestone streets with soft-crust pastries, and much more! Lined with the calming streets lined with trees with beautiful gardens, charming cafes, beautiful churches, as well as ages-old structures, there is a myriad of romantic spots in Paris to soak in the romance of love.

There are plenty of romantic places to visit in Paris, and the majority of them exhibit their true nature during spring.

Here are some of the best places to visit in your Paris Honeymoon Packages

The Butte Montmartre

Montmartre is famous as the place where artists live and dancers, the can-can and the backdrop for the romantic film “Amelie”. The town is known to those in French by the name of “the Butte Montmartre”, at its height, there’s the stunning architectural style of the Sacre-Coeur and the great Church of the Sacred Heart that same belief is reminiscent similar to the Taj Mahal.

From here, you can enjoy the most romantic perspective of Paris and its winding streets and slate roofs that swell below. Montmartre is known as the Parisian village that was once a part of it was the capital of Belle Epoque, and its cafés and squares are the most sought-after spots for lovers. The charming hotels and the beautiful little restaurants enhance the ambiance of Paris’s romantic and unique area.

Eiffel Tower

One of the most romantic destinations to visit in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a magnificent architectural landmark that has been the scene of numerous wedding proposals and first kisses, as well as declarations of love throughout the decades. A climb up to the highest point of this Parisian beauty will give you an unobstructed panorama of the city. It lets visitors see the tops of numerous iconic monuments and sites in one go.

Every night at night, each evening, the Iron Lady sparkles with 20,000 gold light bulbs and provides an unforgettable experience and unforgettable moment of romance. The lovers can also reek over their passions by taking pleasure in a glass of rose Champagne in the Champagne Bar on the top floor. A beautiful dining area on the top floor offers a fantastic backdrop for couples to indulge in exquisite dishes while enjoying a stunning panorama.

Temple of Love

The temple was constructed in 1778 and is located on a tiny island, The Parc, the Temple of Love is a replica of the Bouchardon statue. The most romantic thing about the whole visit to the Temple of Love is the romantic boat ride on the boat to get there. Couples from all over the globe come to renew their vows. According to the legend, kissing your spouse in the middle of the fun will strengthen your bond. Wouldn’t you love to test it out?

Happy Couple Stand on Paris Spots

The Pont des Arts and the Pont de L’Archeveche

Two Parisian bridges represent love and have the tradition of love that could originate from Hungary or even Cologne. People from all over the world are known to leave padlocks of different sizes and shapes inscribed with their names or initials.

This concept became increasingly popular – to the point that padlocks were a threat to the mesh railings. The padlocks were taken off the two bridges in the year 2015. The area of the Seine has become synonymous with romanticism and is a favorite for couples who love picnics.

Luxembourg Gardens

The gardens were established in 1612, and The Luxembourg Gardens still retains an elegant and royal feel and is among the romantic places to visit in Paris. It has a very romantic ambiance and is the ideal spot for an unforgettable date.

The garden is dotted with massive flowers, fountains, and beautiful statues; the garden evokes a feeling of calm and provides the chance to escape from the city’s landscape.

The Louvre

Lovely Couple back View

What’s not to love in The Louvre! It’s the most stunning and most significant museum. It has one of the largest art collections that attract people from across the globe. It is awe-inspiring to visit the baroque-inspired museum and palace — LeMusee du Louvre in French, situated on its banks along the serene Seine River.

It’s indeed the most visited place. However, it is best to visit in the evening when it’s quiet and peaceful, take a seat in a comfy corner, and sketch your loved one. No worries, nobody’s going to raise an eyebrow since it’s Paris which is the place where artists are at home.

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