Instagram has become a hot platform for marketing and growing businesses. That got newbies like me wondering how to boost Instagram followers quickly. 

I expect my readers to be a little smarter than “Come here and win 50 free Instagram followers instantly”.

No offense! Some of these amazing apps like EasyGetInsta ACTUALLY work. However, the downside is that Instagram regularly updates its algorithms to fish out any inactive account and following gained through such tools. 

Are you looking for a more reliable solution? Stay tuned! 

1. Work On Account Optimization:

The key step towards gaining popularity on Instagram is to optimize EVERYTHING! 

Seriously, zero exaggeration there. You need to work on the profile’s name, the account’s bio, captions under posts, links you provide on the page, and even the posting times (that we will talk about later). 

Tip! Don’t opt for a fancy username that would be difficult to search. Sometimes it is best to stick to the actual brand name without any special characters or numbers. 

2. Post at The Right Time 

You just launched an Instagram page for your brand and we understand that you have tonnes of content to post but here’s the thing: 

Updating your profile regularly with selective posts works better than flooding it on a single day. 

To add an extra cherry on the top, I always recommend scheduling your posts in advance. Adding content timely to your profile can help you gain more visibility. 

Tip! It is best to make 2 or 3 posts every day at separate times to avoid making it look spamming. 

3. Don’t Settle For Fake Followers 

There are a number of tools that can get you free Instagram followers. However, it is not a long-lasting solution. 

The real strength of a brand account comes from real followers and people who can leave genuine feedback on your page. 

Tip! If needed, only use apps that buy your Instagram followers and liked as a starter. 

4. Publicize Your Content Through Partners

One of the best ways to boost followers on Instagram is to show your presence on accounts other than just your own. 

You can do so by contacting partners who can post and publicize your content so it reaches to their audience as well. 

Tip! Instead of aiming for other competitors, reach out to social influencers who can endorse your products or services. This works like magic, every time! 

5. Bring Followers To Your Instagram Account Via Other Platforms 

You can reach a point of saturation if you are only trying to win the audience through Instagram. The goal is to showcase your account everywhere. 

For example, if you have Twitter with a good following, a Facebook profile, or a YouTube channel, you can bring in an audience from these sources as well. 

Tip! Add a social media button to your website where a single click will bring the reader directly to your Instagram profile. 

6. Look Into What The Audience Wants 

One way to automatically bag free Instagram likes is by posting relevant content that the audience wants to see. 

You can experiment with different types, captions, timings, and change the filters as well to see what kinds of posts get better engagement. 

Tip! Instagram recently introduced a Survey feature. Through this, you can get the visitors to participate in a Q&A session. 

7. Use Maximum Yet Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags are a great way to make your account more visible in the discovery section. It groups you together with other relevant accounts. 

The audience often checks in on different content via hashtags, sometimes using the ones that are trending the most. Therefore, unique tags can be beneficial in bringing the right followers to your page. 

Tip! Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags under a post. Don’t hesitate to use all of these provided they are relevant and unique. 

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