5 SEO Statistics you Can’t Ignore

SEO Statistics you Can't Ignore

In the 21st century, it’s not enough for businesses to advertise. Businesses have to get online and make use of all of the most important contemporary digital marketing tactics if they want to succeed.

SEO is one of the most important forms of digital advertisement, allowing a business to simply put itself in the way of success.

However, not every business is convinced that SEO tips are necessary to succeed. This article will walk you through some of the most important SEO statistics that will convince you that you need to start making use of search engine optimization.

Less than One Percent of People Click on Results from the Second Page

This is perhaps the most stunning SEO statistic out there. If you can’t get your website on that crucial first page of search engine results, less than one percent — 0.78 percent to be exact — of people will give you a chance at all.

Why is this Exactly?

It’s tough to be sure. However, one theory suggests that people simply don’t trust search engine results that appear past the first page.

It’s a common meme that no matter what you search, on the 4th or 5th page you’ll get things that are completely irrelevant. As soon as they leave the first page, people are going to start thinking they’re wandering into uncharted territory.

Over 90 Percent of Internet Traffic comes from Google

Let’s be honest — when we’re talking about search engines, we’re mainly talking about Google. There are over 2 trillion Google searches a year. No other company even comes close when it comes to search engines.

These statistics can be found in the same article in the first item on this list comes. Gone are the days when people would type in the URL of a website to wind up on it. These days, people search certain terms, not sure which business they’re going to find.

The key to any SEO strategy is figuring out which terms your customers are using. These are called keywords. Check out this great SEO company we found for more info.

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Half of all Google Searches Use Four or More Words

It’s easy to forget just how accurate Google can get these days. People rely on Google to get them exactly what they want, so they’re not afraid to use many words in their searches.

This is why it’s so important to study your clients, and figure out which keywords they’re using. If you’re running a hamburger restaurant, there’s a good chance that your clients aren’t searching for “burgers”, but something more along the lines of “top burger restaurants near me”.

Hire a great SEO company so you can make sure that you nail all of those hyperspecific keywords.

SEO Statistics are Important

As you can see from these SEO statistics, SEO is one of the most important tactics a business can make use of in the 21st century. No matter which statistics you’re using to say it, businesses that don’t make use of SEO are hiding from the benefits of search engines.

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