Should I Get a Home Theater or Basic Speaker?

Home Theater

When it comes to watching movies in the comfort of your own home, building a good entertainment unit is all that you would require. However, making sure you end up with an entertainment unit that can provide you with an experience rivaling that of a proper cinema is not an easy task.

There are a lot of things that you would need to get right before you reach that comfortable spot. For example, just having a huge 100” screen is not enough. You would have to make sure that your living room has enough space for the best viewing experience. A small room with a huge TV would just prove tiring to watch on. You would essentially be turning your head every time you have to look on the other side of the TV. This is obviously not a really viable option.

On top of that, the sound experience also matters a lot. Yes, most TVs come with an in-built speaker attached, but when are they really good. Most people would rather get a separate speaker unit to essentially enhance their overall viewing experience. But, here is the main question. Which speaker unit is the best kind?

There are just so many types of speakers out in the market, with portable speakers that run on rechargeable batteries, sleek soundbars, multi-channel speakers, and then there are home theater systems.

Now, the thing is, depending on your requirements, and also the size of your room and TV, you would have to invest in a speaker accordingly. If you have a small living room with an average-sized TV, you can easily make do with a soundbar, or simply basic speakers. However, if you have a bigger living room, with a bigger TV set, and a real enthusiasm for watching movies, a home theater system works the best.

Now, there are a ton of different brands and products out there to choose from. Finding the best home theatre is not an easy task to figure out, and buying the right one can make all the difference. They are in no way cheap by any margin either, so do consider home theaters as investments. They will last you a super long time if you simply give notes to a few things while purchasing them, and maintain them along the way.

Which is Better? – Home Theaters or Basic Speakers?

If you are wondering which device would perform the best – they are almost equal in all considerations. However, obviously, since home theaters can get really big in size, they do host a lot more power than basic speakers. That said, a lot of people would consider home theaters as speakers as well.

But, for the sake of the argument, a home theater system is obviously a little different than a basic speaker. Yes, their specifications and such are looked at in a similar light, with the channel count, power, connectivity, size, brand, and price to give the note to. The only major difference between a basic speaker and a full-on home theater is that home theaters hold a lot more power than speakers. They are also bigger in size. These few details make home theaters much more expensive than basic speakers, but end up serving the same purpose.

old woman slow the volume on home Speaker

In my opinion, if you have a small room, a speaker unit works best. If you have a bigger room, a home theater is something you could make use of. Obviously, if you have that extra wad of cash lying around, you can easily invest in a home theater over a simple speaker setup.

The size aspect also brings another point into consideration. Home theaters can be extremely difficult to move around. They are not portable at all, and if you do move them around a fair bit, there is always a chance to damage them along the way. That said, speakers can also get damaged in transit, however, since they are much smaller in size, you can easily transfer them from one place to another.

The bigger size and power of a home theater also translates into loudness and a higher volume threshold. If you like to throw parties in the outdoors of your house, or are maybe planning on a movie night with your friends, a home theater would also come in handy during those times. Once you have it moved to the outside, you can easily pair it with your phone, or your TV and start blasting away.

If you are worried about sound quality and clarity, that can be achieved by simply investing in the right model and brand. Branded products might be a little more expensive than what seems like a similar product. However, the brand matters a lot when it comes to sound quality, durability, warranty, and more.

If you have the option, you should choose a branded product since they might last you longer, and provide a better experience than a cheaper device that simply cannot last a long time.

So, yes, there are a good few things to consider before building your entertainment unit, and understanding which aspect of a home theater to look at can make all the difference in your purchase cycle, as well as your overall satisfaction and experience.


There is not a definite answer here. A good-quality speaker can easily beat a cheap home theater system. But a really good home theater system can truly boost your movie-watching experience to another level.

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