Tips for Safer Night Driving

Safer Night Driving

Many people really dislike driving at night, and if given the option, they would rather drive during the day, even if it means leaving much earlier than they need to or staying over somewhere instead of making the journey in one trip.

However, there are instances when there’s just no option, and since driving in the dark is considered to be three times as hazardous as driving in the daytime, it is critical to know how to do it safely. Even if you avoid it as much as possible, knowing what to do when you have to drive at night will help. Read on to find out more.

Check your Headlamps

If you’ve ever needed the help of a truck accident attorney such as Schrier Law Group, you’ll know that driving isn’t always easy, but it is easy to make it safer. You just have to be observant. For example, have you ever looked at your vehicle when the headlights were turned on? In most cases the answer will be no; you’ll be in the car or truck when the lights are on, and out of it when they’re off.

This is exactly the reason you should check them, as it could be there is an issue and you’ll never know if you don’t specifically take the time to look.

Drive Car at Night on the Road

Some problems that you might encounter with headlamps are that they can be too bright, too dim, or pointing in the wrong direction. Even if you have a brand new vehicle, there could still be a problem with the lights.

Take a moment to check and readjust them if they aren’t quite right. They should be bright enough for you to see but not so bright they blind oncoming traffic, and they should be lighting up the road ahead of you so you can see into the distance.

Reduce your Dashboard Brightness

Most vehicles include a switch that enables you to lower the lights on the dashboard, which you should definitely use while driving at night. Although it may seem that you would want your dashboard to be as bright as possible when it is dark outside, it’s actually the opposite that’s true.

You can imagine how this would be the case; a bright light nearly in front of your face and shining up at you is sure to be extremely problematic and distracting. It will limit what you can see not just in the car or truck, but in front of you on the road, and even if you don’t find it physically uncomfortable (it’s something that’s easy to get used to) it could slow your reaction time or make it hard to see obstacles ahead.

Do Not Look at Oncoming Lights

Sometimes other vehicles have dazzling headlights; other times, they turn on their high beams and then forget to turn them off. Don’t stare at bright lights for any reason if they are coming towards you. You should instead glance to the side, keeping them in your peripheral vision (don’t tilt your head, however, since this is potentially dangerous). Looking straight at the lights can leave your eyes unfocused and unable to see properly, which can lead to an accident. If a vehicle with strong lights is behind you, adjust your rearview mirror so that the light is angled away from you.

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