What Homeowners Need to Know about Sewer Line Repairs

Homeowners Need to Know about Sewer Line Repairs

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales Territory and holds the tag of being Australia’s most densely populated city. That’s not surprising because it is one of the most livable cities globally with its excellent suburbs, robust employment opportunities, excellent schools, and easy availability of essential services. Currently, there is an estimated number of 1.8 million private homes in the city.

If you are a homeowner in Sydney, one of the things you have to worry about is home maintenance. As much as possible, you would like to preserve the integrity of your house as it shelters your loved ones and precious belongings. However, if you live in an old structure, you may end up dealing with plumbing issues because older pipes traverse your homes.

Often, homes with outdated plumbing are more prone to blocked drains and clogs. These issues are aggravating and best left to the professionals.

Thankfully, you can call a drain relining in Sydney company to redress the problems before they soar. Here’s everything you need to know about drain issues and sewer line repairs.

What are the Common Signs of Sewer Piping Issues?

Unlike a leaky sink drain, your main sewer lines are often underground. Thus, this problem is not visible. It can be difficult to identify where the broken sewer line is. However, you may notice certain signs in areas of your home that indicate you have a sewage problem. Watch out for the following:

  • Very slow drain
  • Flooded yard near the septic tank
  • Nasty sewer smell in the garden and basement
  • Multiple clogs 
  • Gurgling noise emitting from the toilet
  • Back flowing water
pipe line industry

What Causes these Problems?

These issues are very annoying to deal with, so you should call for a professional inspection and drain relining in Sydney to address the problem. The common causes for blocked drains are the following:

  • Age of the home
  • Tree root ingress
  • Grease accumulation
  • Mineral sedimentation
  • Soap scum and product buildup

Usually, you won’t experience a major problem in one go. Often, the branch drains in your home will show more minor issues first. Thus, when you encounter something like this, it is best to call for professional help right away.

What will the Pros do to Address the Problem?

In the olden day, traditional plumbers had no other choice but to dig around your property to find the problematic sewer lines. Unfortunately, this can make a bit of a mess in your yard and create collateral damage, resulting in even more costly repairs. However, thanks to modern innovation, you can now take advantage of sewer camera inspections.

Your plumber will dig a tiny hole in the ground and insert it into the drain line. The long and flexible camera will show the pipe interiors. As a result, your plumber can accurately identify the problematic spots. From there, the plumbing team will use state-of-the-art tools to fix the pipes from within.

With a trenchless relining system, they can fix the drain issues without any massive digging and use an epoxy resin liner. They insert the material in the same path following the camera, inflate it in the problematic spot, and cure it in place. It’s as if you have a new pipe within your old pipes, making it as good as new.

The key to getting the best results is to call a certified company. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with the proper tools, knowledge, and training to get this kind of job done, so vet your plumbing company thoroughly.

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