How to Eliminate the Security Fails in Mobile App Development

Security Fails in Mobile App Development

The world currently is very agile and pocket-friendly. Right from groceries to clothes, from ordering food to running errands, one can do everything with a swipe and a few taps. How? By making use of applications indeed! There is an application for almost anything and everything a person needs to do. Need decor inspiration?

Try Pinterest! Need to order food for an unexpected dinner soiree? Try ordering online!

Convenience has shrunk to being the pocket size and efficient all thanks to mobile application development. Is it possible to imagine the world without mobile applications, or as we would like to call it, apps? Not at all! Once convinced, it made its way to fit into our smartphones, and there is no turning back. Why? Simply because there is an application to meet everything. While smartphones have crept in and become an important part of our body. Apart from all the glitz, glam, and convenience; there is an issue that needs light – security. Mobile applications are not new to the market. But just like the internet, they too are susceptible to cybersecurity issues.

All organizations invest a hefty amount into developing apps, but many of them may not have the minimum-security measures set as part of their code. Close to 83% of mobile applications have at least one security flaw ( According to Intrust, out of all the time smartphone users use their phones, they spend 92% of their time interacting with apps. This same report also suggests that the app market will likely grow by 20% by 2023. Therefore, mobile applications developers should include security measures right at the development stage.

Let us explore various ways to eliminate the gap between mobile app development and security:

Design with Security

There is a lot of thought that goes into creating a mobile application. Right from design, functionality features, coders, graphic designers, and product managers. An application has a purpose it needs to serve. It has to function in such a manner that the end consumers can easily use it for the purpose it has made and access its features.

Developers consider many things at the early or initial stages of application development. It is necessary to make security features a part of these initial developments. By making security a part of the initial development process, organizations are protecting their data servers and the potential user’s smartphone data. It is impossible to predict all the possible security issues, but they need to account for some primary security threats.

Secure the Details

All problems need to be easily solved at the grassroots. It holds for security as well at the mobile development stage. Developers need to start fleshing out the minor details for various operating systems like Android and iOS. Developers should look into security issues while creating the application for the operating system. An application serves multiple functions and services. It functions in a particular way for end consumers.

The internal stakeholders need a social media integration platform and an app management platform. Internal and external stakeholders require different interfaces. It is essential to predict a few security issues these interfaces can come across and ensure security on the users or the organization end. It means developers need to think from multiple angles and perspectives. They need to look at the organizations, employees, and users’ perspectives. For an extra edge, they can even analyze the competitors and then build a new perspective on security.

person Secure a smartphone

SSL Certificate All the Way

An SSL certificate is a good addition that all mobile application developers should consider. An SSL certificate provides security to any data that the user inputs in the application. It does so by encrypting this information. An SSL certificate is recommended for any online platform regardless of what device people use to access.

It prevents hackers from phishing, MiTM attacks occurred on the website while building trust. There are many affordable SSL certificates that mobile app developers use until they develop other security measures. These affordable or cheapest SSL certificates will not compromise security. Just adding an SSL certificate can make app consumers feel secure while securing data-driven organizational servers. It is because cheap SSL certificates help to encrypt the data that end-users input into the website.

Set Up Strict Authentication

Authentication acts as an obstacle or barrier that hackers have to face while breaking into a personal account. Let us explore this with a lock and key analogy. Hackers need to break the lock, whereas users need to have the right key (their passwords) to open the door to their account. Authentication is all about setting multiple locks to accounts. The more authentication one has, the harder it is to get hacked.

If users of an application are susceptible to security issues, that app could be reported or worse. Mobile application developers must start thinking of introducing multiple website authentication. Many times, developers fail to consider integrating authentication into the application. They focus just on the username or passwords. Developers need to think about the level of authentication, the complexity levels, or the criteria for app users to input data.

Stick to the Main Function

It is easy for everyone to get carried away when it comes to working on any project. One should apply the same for mobile applications. An application is to harvest the attention of end consumers. Developers and other internal stakeholders can get carried away while developing the mobile app. An application needs to focus on the niche service and information it provides.

Create the functions and features based on what the application needs. A broad concept provides security breaches more access, so it is always smart to stick to all the data, code, and features that are needed. For example, developers can ensure that they only load SSL certificates to eliminate the security fails in mobile app development functionality.

Testing Makes Perfect

It is a must to test any application that is all set to enter the market. Testing applications will help developers and other app creators to understand potential threats and access. Right from the development to its launch, even post its launch, developers need to test their application at every point. Some common ways of testing are through using regression tests or automated scripts.

There are multiple ways to test mobile applications at a more complex level. But running tests, developers can fix issues and problems before they have an irreversible impact. It will highlight what works for the app and what does not, leading to smarter and appropriate application modifications.


Mobile applications are one of the most used stuff. Developers need to take forth a holistic approach when it comes to developing these applications. Security is a prerogative because if it needs to be included later, it will mean re-framing the application right from the beginning. Security is a concern because many people do fall prey to internet scams or data breaches. Let us look at it with another analogy.

Developers create the skeleton, body, and structure of an application, but without an immune system, it would be difficult for anybody to survive. Hence, while developing vital parts, it is equally necessary to formulate the immune system of every mobile application

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