Tips on Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace Designs

Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace Designs

We all look forward to enjoying great food with those we love and nothing can offer the experience of enjoining that in the fun process of cooking than an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen inspires so much cheer, easiness, and to some extend cheekiness. Everyone appreciates a measure of cheeky every once in a while. The carnival mood evoked by outdoor kitchens kills the sense of rigidity that comes with conventional kitchens.

Putting up an outdoor kitchen design with a fireplace is an intricate and understandably intimate affair close to the heart of the owner.

It has to be tailored to the person’s needs while unvaryingly modeling it around features of the grounds and surrounding it is to be set upon. Let’s look at a few inspired ideas for an outdoor kitchen with fireplace designs.

One thing to remember from the onset is that these units don’t have to be open.

Rustic Kitchen Design

This can be modeled with a traditional firewood stove set up against an adobe brick wall with tile roofing incorporated to enhance the beauty and embolden a sense of firm tradition.

Ceramic sinks and surfaces will be the best bet to fit in this setup. With this homely, country setting you will never have to move upcountry to enjoy the simplicity that adobe, rustic finishes, and a traditional stove can give. I can already picture you smoking your steak before calling for that barbecue.


This set-up will have the outdoor kitchen share a common wall or walls with the main house. It might not give a complete sense of being outdoors though it is. Guests have the choice to sit with the cook or indoors.

kitchen walls panel

Quite flexible and offers much more shelter than its rivals. It undoubtedly has its pros. Your appliances are shielded from the elements. This is the best set-up for those who want to go for luxe appliances.


In this setup, one can play around with just about anything and get away with it. From traditional stoves to plugged stainless steel appliances. The cooking area, sink, and surface can cleverly be set in the center surrounded by sitting spaces throwing an island feel to it.


Outdoor kitchen units need to be more functional than elaborate, remember, you will only use these units occasionally and the elements will not always be keen to keep them in a mint condition.

There is a couple of other outdoor kitchens with fireplace designs but the above highlighted are the top choices.

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