Look, everyone knows exercise and movement is important. So is eating your vegetables. But just in case you need one more reason to get your heart pumping and muscles working in 2020, we’ll give you six great reasons that exercise will improve your body, mind, and soul.

Six Reasons How Exercise Can Improve Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Body: Motion Creates Lotion

If you commonly grunt when you stand up or sit down, you may be dealing with achy joints. The great thing is movement and exercise create lubrication in the joints by increasing the production of synovial fluid. This liquid acts as a buffer/padding around your joints while increasing nutrients to keep everything feeling great.

Body: Speaking of Achy Joints

Beyond the benefit of increased synovial fluid around your joints, did you know that stronger muscles can add more stability and support around your joints? When your quads and hamstrings are strong, for example, they draw up on the knee, which can relieve pressure around the areas that can cause discomfort as you age.

Mind: Yeah, Science!

Exercise promotes the production of the feel-good chemicals in your brain. These endorphins react in the brain the same way that morphine does, giving the person building up a sweat a rush of euphoria that lasts long after the time they stop moving. Regular endorphins will make maintaining your exercise practice easier because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to feel good? You can take advantage of vape juice to relax your mind sometimes.

Mind: Buh Bye, Stress

Those same endorphins that are released during exercise also help act as natural pain killers and can improve the ability to and quality of sleep a person gets. Those factors all play into a person’s overall stress level, and their ability to navigate the challenges being hurdled their way. Aerobic exercises have also been shown to decrease the body’s key stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol.

Soul: We Are Better Together

One of the “perks” of modern society is that there is a diminishing need to interact with people in real life. Hate the crowds of a mall? Order online. Are you annoyed by your coworkers? Work remotely.

The problem is, all of that isolation isn’t great. It increases the risk of depression and isolation. A steady commitment to movement and exercise forces people out of the house and into shared spaces where they can meet other like-minded individuals.

Soul: Connection Time

Time can often feel like the scarcest of resources. There are only so many hours in a day to work, connect with friends and family, spend quality time with the kids, learn a new skill, and more.

What better way to knock two or three things off at once in a lunchtime workout with a friend will leave you feeling charged up, strong, and connected. Short on time with your significant other? Grab a class together, sweat, and have fun to get the endorphins pumping.

Do we have you convinced? Curious about where/how to start? Check out our your local gym’s or yoga studo’s schedule for classes from gentle to challenging that will kick start your commitment to exercise and health in 2020 and beyond. Or check out some great free yoga videos that you can practice at home with. It’s never too late to start benefiting from a consistent yoga and fitness practice.


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