What Happened to Oovoo Javer Guy?

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Vine, a video-making app, had ruled over the internet for the past few years, and it was pretty similar to TikTok. This app allowed an interviewer to make a six-second video and post it. A Vine video went viral in which a guy, Gabriel, replied to an interviewer’s question.

This guy was randomly walking on the street and asked an interviewer if he had ever met a hot Uber driver? To which the guy replied, “I’ve never gone to Oovoo Javer”. Soon, he was all over the internet with the name “Oovoo Javer Guy”, But the question arises, “What happened to that Oovoo Javer guy”?

Story of the Oovoo Javer Meme

Years after the oovoo javer meme went down and became history, and the guy made a YouTube video to explain the whole story behind the incident. This guy, whose full name is Gabriel Cash, was walking down the street with his brother and friends, so they encountered two interviewers. The boys were excited to be on T.V when the interviewer came and asked the hot Uber driver.

Gabriel did not know about Uber as it wasn’t a lot famous at that time. So, he answered it with the quite iconic statement, which meant nothing. This video went viral because the boy was unaware of the meaning of Uber driver as Uber was not that popular back then. He misheard “hot Uber driver” as “oovoo javer”. He got confused and replied he has not been to any place named oovoo javer. This video went viral and created hype among viewers.

The Whereabouts of Oovoo Javer Guy Revealed!

Gabriel was a comedian on YouTube, but he does not make comedy videos anymore. Instead, most of his work is in the adult entertainment industry. However, he has a significant amount of social media followers and he makes more videos in the adult entertainment industry.

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Previously, Gabriel and his brother Daniel made videos on YouTube, but they both got much more public response in the adult industry, so now, they post on their Twitter account named “THECASHTWINSS”. As their adult work gained much more popularity than YouTube, they are seen entirely off the platform. Their work is now based on sexuality, and with their adult work, they try to break sexual stereotypes. Most of their work is NSFW.


Gabriel had no idea at that time that this video would go viral. He did not even know about Uber. Out of confusion, he repeated whatever the interviewer said. But I guess that is how fate works. The recognition he got through the video was a lot more than he got through his YouTube channels. Nowadays, he is pretty popular on Instagram for posting adult stuff, and has millions of followers.

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