Practical Tips for Improving your Law Firm’s SEO Ranking

Law Firm’s SEO Ranking

It’s no longer news that the application of Search Engine Optimization in law firm websites is crucial to their successful ranking and increased reach capability. When optimally infused with SEO, websites are likely to experience increased lead generation and audience conversion, mainly when these processes are undertaken by experts who know their onions.

However, not all law firms are fully aware of the methods involved in SEO strategy implementation, primarily due to the seeming technicality of the process.

To many, the process may be somewhat overwhelming, which is why law firms should seek help from SEO experts. SEO agencies like Sure Oak can help ease the stress and give you strategies that are customized to your company’s goal for SEO. They will help drive more organic traffic and increase conversions to help grow your business

Nevertheless, this article seeks to correct the notion that Search Engine Optimization is a daunting web experiment engineered solely for fancy web returns and high-priced SERP rankings. It also aims to reveal a few search engine optimization tips that help improve your website’s visibility and overall web ranking.

Before we go into details, let us discuss the concept of SEO and why it’s essential for law firm websites. If you do not have a website for your law firm, you can read our article on how a website can influence your firm’s growth.

What is SEO?

SEO is a technical term that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to all processes involved in improving web traffic quality and quantity using unpaid traffic generation tools powered by search engines. It can also be seen as the techniques applied by website managers to attract and influence a loyal audience base using tools such as content marketing etc.

SEO considers the working systems of search engines by taking advantage of the algorithms which dictate search engine behavior, what web visitors search for, and the terms or keywords used by the target audience. SEO for law firm websites also puts into consideration the preferred search engine tool used by potential visitors. 

Over the years, Google has continued to be the top search engine choice for internet users, allowing for increased collaborations between website managers and Google. Search engine optimization has evolved to become a marketing strategy that requires careful research and insight before its application to any online media.

SEO Ranking Tips

Understand the Google Algorithm

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and Moz estimates that there are about 500 to 600 changes to this algorithm every year. Although It’s almost impossible to understand exactly how this algorithm works, we know that the Google algorithm considers a series of factors when ranking websites.

They include but are not limited to the quality of content shared, the keywords used, and the backlinks added. Furthermore, It’s necessary to keep a tab of all Google updates to prevent using outdated technology.

Identify the Keywords for your Niche

The next step is to research and identify the solid keywords peculiar to your niche, which is Law. This step is undertaken because the most crucial element of any law SEO marketing strategy is keyword research. Therefore, all companies which offer marketing services for law firms do well to conduct quality keyword research.

Hence, without a deep understanding of the rudimentary aspects of this part of the plan, your entire strategy will fall through without you achieving any good results. An effective way of getting this done is by identifying the specific keywords with which your target audience finds your site. This exercise is done by visiting websites such as Mangools for SEO keyword ideas.

Ensure to monitor the search volume and do well to select keywords with reasonable traffic amount. Selecting keywords with too high traffic will cause your website to get lost among the many other websites which use the exact keywords. Using low-traffic keywords, however, will attract only a tiny amount of traffic to your website.

Another great way of doing keyword research is by figuring out the buyer personas of your target audience to understand what motivates them. Then, you can create informative content about their search input on your blog, thereby increasing your traffic and SERP ranking.

Keyword Types

SEO keyword type

There are two types of keywords used in search engine optimization. They are long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are usually targeted and aim towards getting information on a specific need or for seeking guidance. Using long-tail keywords narrows the search results to target a particular audience likely to be prospective clients.

On the other hand, short tail keywords are short and inclusive phrases, usually with no more than three words. They encompass a lot of topics, including those your competitors are likely to search. Short tail keywords are not often incorporated into websites and blogs because they open a vast pool of search results, thus limiting the average amount of traffic reaching your site.

Nevertheless, short-tail SEO keywords are still helpful and play a role in the entire SEO strategy. It’s also important to avoid stuffing so many keywords into your articles. Overusing keywords makes your website seem spammy to the reader, and you may even be penalized by search engines.

Create New Content

The whole purpose of SEO revolves around improving traffic generation to websites through the website’s content. Hence, it will be counterproductive for your website to have no content at all. I mean, what will be the point if there is no content to market?

In recent times, blogs are a great way to draw traffic through content engagement naturally. Frequent posting, maybe twice or thrice a week, continues to foster the visibility of your firm’s website. Ensure to infuse keywords into your article titles, headings, subheadings, and the body. However, do not overuse them.

Do well to write on topics that will interest your audience and issues that you are passionate about as a lawyer. For inspiration on topic ideas, create articles surrounding the questions asked by your readers or on trending topics in the law industry. Ensure that they are of reasonable length and contain verified facts.

If you intend to hire a good law firm SEO agency, be sure to check that they know full well how to utilize blogs for SEO to offer quality marketing services for law firms.

Take Advantage of the Google My Business Feature

The Google My Business feature allows companies to market themselves online without any extra cost. By creating an up-to-date profile showing your firm’s address, hours, services, and a few pictures, Google My Business showcases your business to a broad audience. You can also add links to your website or your contact details.

Google My Business is an excellent conversion tool as a search of your business name quickly takes the searcher to your profile. The feature also gives previous customers the chance to post positive reviews about your services. You can make it quick and easy for your customers to leave a review by creating your own Google review QR code.

Ensure to take advantage of this feature to influence traffic conversion further.

Are you Ready to Optimize your Law Firm’s Website?

With a good knowledge of SEO, its workings, proper use of keywords, and our top-notch marketing services for law firms, we will optimize your law firm’s website to attract traffic for a long time. As a leading law firm SEO company, we aim to assist you with making the best out of your website. Kindly get in touch with JustLegal Marketing to get started on this journey.

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