I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

I was despairing of ever finding a clothing storage solution I liked. When I moved out of my parent’s place for the first time, I had a series of old busted down dressers, with the bottom falling out and the sides so out of wack it hardly opened and closed anymore. I was so sure I couldn’t afford a quality dresser I didn’t even look! Finally, I pulled the whole front off my underwear drawer one morning, resolved to find quality AND value, and hit the internet. It wasn’t long at all until I saw thousands of quality dressers from different brands on 1StopBedrooms, and subsequently, precisely what I was looking for.

Hey, I’m a tough sell; I need to know it’s not some particle board and staples thing that’s going to fall apart within a year. My dad’s had the same dresser for my whole life, but he made the dang thing in his garage with screws, lumber, and the intention of making the last dresser he’d ever own.

Well, I don’t have a garage, much less a carpenter’s tools, and besides: bare wood wouldn’t work with what I’m doing in here, anyway. I was looking for something more contemporary; smooth corners and high-gloss. I’d been worried about finding anything close in the small town I live in, but I found so many options there, I couldn’t belive my eyes! Not only was I going to find a style I liked, I was going to have my pick!

Now my bedroom is the relaxing, inviting space I’ve always wanted it to be. My clothes aren’t hanging out, and the room is complemented by the carefully considered clothing console in the corner! It may not be much to you, but I love waking up and having the first thing that reaches my eye something I picked out and love.

It’s enough to make me wax poetic. I mean, you can change the bed’s style with a sheet; the dresser should be considered carefully and complement the space. Abandon that old wooden monster that weighs down the whole half of the house and replace it with a newer, more efficient unit. Or go full bureau and dominate an entire wall with a multi-drawered testament to organization and design.

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I know as well as anyone how difficult it can be to make a move. I wavered a while, but knowing I was getting a low-price guarantee on some of the top manufacturers in the world gave me the confidence to take action. It was so easy; all I had to do was make the choice. They even had it delivered and installed in whatever room I wanted.

That was so cool I might even look to the living room next; who needs trying to wrestle new furniture into the house, let alone getting it home from whatever warehouse you picked it up from. Hello, big box stores; not everyone owns a pick-up truck or a few helping hands at their beck and call!

My new dresser looks so great, the finishing touch my bedroom needed; I really should have done gotten rid of that old thing sooner.

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