Features of Dodow that Help in Making You Sleep Well

girl hand holding Dodow

Studies reveal that many people find it tough to fall asleep these days. Especially the elderly and children who are facing insomnia. Apart from that, the working professional cannot switch off once they are back from their offices.

This struggle to fall a sleep translates into exertion that continues the next day as well. But, Dodow helps in removing these problems. With its intriguing features, the device allows people to get rid of sleep problems.

Here we will tell you some features of Dodow that work in making sleeping smooth for people.

What is Dodow

Dodow is a light metronome device that helps sleepers who have insomnia or sleep disorders. It has a small size, and you do not have to worry about finding a place to keep it. The Dodow works on the principle of meditation and slowly guides the user to lose his anxiety and fall asleep. Read this review of Dodow to know more about the product.

Features of Dodow

Dodow Sleep Device


Let us first talk about the design of the Dodow. It is a small device measuring only about 3.54 x 3.54 x 0.71 inches. On the lightweight side, the Dodow weighs around 3.98 ounces. It has a shape like a disc, and to an average person, it may seem like just an alarm clock. The only difference is that you have to make the device lie down to use it.

On the top of the machine, there is an LED. The light coming out from this induces sleep in the person. There is also a blue disk at the bottom that provides the base to your device. Using this base, you can easily keep the device on your bedside table without worrying about its fall.


Dodow is wireless and works through the 3 AAA batteries that are put in the compartment. If you use the device in a child’s or seniors’ room, you need not worry about them getting entangled in the wires.


There are no complicated processes associated with using the Dodow. Once the batteries are inserted, you may start using the device at any time. Tap on the touch-sensitive area on the top, and the device will start emitting light.

Since there are two modes, i.e., 8 minute and 20-minute modes, you have to tap the device accordingly.

A single tap will set your device to the 8-minute mode, whereas a double tap will set the 20-minute mode. At this point, the device emits a blue light which the user has to look at. All you have to do is to inhale when the light expands and exhale when it contracts.

This kind of breathing calms the person, and soon he falls to sleep.


For the insomniacs, the Dodow is a gift as it solves their biggest woe of all. Surprisingly the device powers off by itself after the cycle is over. In case you have already fallen asleep, you do not have to worry about switching it off. Since the device works on calming you down, there are no chances of side effects occurring at any time.

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