How to Survive a Whole Day Wearing High Heels

girl Wearing High Heels

Party season is just around the corner, and being shorter in height means countless days to spend with your high-heels shoes. Although these high-heel shoes can spice up your beauty as you spend more time with them, the toughness and itchiness kill you from the inside.

If you want to survive this torture, one such great way is buying a pack of cushions for high-heels. They provide a better alignment and relieve discomfort, allowing you to wear them for an extended period. Browse for more unique ideas by reading this article till the end, and optimize your time with high-heels shoes.

Choose the Right Size

If your toe has been reporting pain and you’re limping, it’s time to change the size of your high-heels. Wherever you go shopping, take your time gauging the comfort level of the heels. If it triggers the pain even a little bit, change your size and adjudge a larger one. Now, you will notice some significant changes. Your toes might feel relaxed, as they have more breathing space now. Additionally, the toes will create more room inside, so go for it.

But, wait, what options do you have for online shopping? You don’t have any. Just make sure the brand you’re purchasing from has a good return policy.

Use Baby Powder

Blisters have been the pain in the neck for a long while. If you suffer from it, you may use moleskin, baby powder, or cushioned or specialized inserts to prevent further injuries. Sprinkle baby powder on the heels-covered area, as it vows to minimize friction and chafing, leading to no slipping. It will keep your feet still until the day ends.

Don’t Strip your Heels

I understand removing heels after long-damn hours can give you a sigh of relief. But, trust me, nothing is worse than wearing them again and experiencing the nagging pain. Stretch your feet once before removing them. Unfortunately, you have to wear them all day long and remove them as soon as you get back home. To undergo a peaceful sleep, it is advisable to put on hydrating creams that can reduce your swelling and bruises caused by the high heels.

cute girl Wearing High Heels

Buy a Thicker Sole

If you’ve purchased fit-sized high-heels for your wedding, thick insoles can support you to a greater extent. Thicker soles mean your feet will be elevated, owing to optimal support, and curing discomfort. These insoles come in myriads of sizes, shapes, and materials. Ideally, use silicone pads, which become inconspicuous under the feet while yet providing the same level of protection. You might also shop online, where you can find a variety of supportive and comfortable inserts.

Cold-Freeze your High-Heels

Bring two Ziplock bags, evacuate all the air, and pour in the water. Now place both the bags inside the high-heels and let them freeze for a few hours. As the water freezes, the bags will expand, resulting in the stretching of high-heels. When the freezing time ends, take them out and allow the ice to melt completely. Congratulations! Your heels are magically stretched and expanded than before. Wear them confidently and say goodbye to the pain.

Tape your Toes Together

If you ask me the simplest tricks of all, I would tell you that taping the toes together is the easiest.

What do you Need to do?

Tape your third and fourth fingers altogether by using medical tape. In this way, it will relieve pressure between the ball of the foot that causes the pain. There’s a nerve located right there between those two toes, and the medical tape reduces the strain.


Spend your days and nights without limping. These life hacks can prove to be a saver option for you, especially if you spend most of the time in high-heels. Try and test all the tricks and comment here to let us know which works perfectly for you.

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