This pandemic has been a source of stress and anxiety to many, but it has also given some of us the gift of time. Time to spend with our family, time to rest from the stressful commute going to work, and time to finally start that home office improvement project you’ve been meaning to start for a while now.

In this article, you will learn of 5 wall design ideas to make your home office a more comfortable place for work.

Boho Farmhouse Style Home Office

You may not be able to travel cross-country and tour the sights and sounds but you can bring the feel of the countryside into your own workspace. The idea here is to add natural and rustic tones into your office to add a sense of tranquil yet energizing style to make it a productive place of business. Personalize it with decorations that reflect who you are and complete that perfect feel for your home office. You get a sense of that peaceful countryside while you spend your hours getting your work done. A great example would be an extra large farmhouse wall art.

Sophisticated Mid-Century Modern Home Office

Sometimes less is more when designing your home office. A mid-century office look combines clean lines, minimalist furniture, and carefully placed pops of bright color to minimize distraction and stimulate productivity while working in your own space. It’s simple and attractive enough at the same time so things don’t get too dull and uninspiring.

You can achieve a modern look by using neutral tones like gray or cream to color the room and add a few classic pieces like a pen holder for your fountain pens or a vintage lamp to reproduce that mid-century feel.

Parisian Style Home Office Nook

That little corner in your home can be transformed into a stylish office nook to brainstorm for your work. The Parisian chic look can make your little workspace have an elegant and timeless feel. It’s not so much about what style would go together so much as the striking beauty of that attractive piece of furniture or that stylish lamp would bring to your office.

Start your design around a few basic pieces you need and then build around from there. You don’t need to be too loud in your design choice to achieve the Parisian look. Design it with simplicity and subtlety so as to not be so distracting but with enough flair to make you feel like you just transported yourself to a different country.

Small Home Office Corner in Modern Jungle Style Bedroom Interior

If you lack the space in your home for a secluded office, you can add a table in a corner of your room to make your own personal workspace. You can make it even more interesting by designing it with a more modern jungle boho style to make it more stimulating. Natural wood tones and tones of various green can make your workspace more peaceful while you dive into your responsibilities. Furnish it with some art decor and a potted plant to achieve the look and personalize it into your own place of work.

All White Bohemian Style Home Office

You can achieve a stylish and sophisticated look with an all-white design with boho decor. The white walls allow for the few decorative pieces to accentuate the room nicely and make the room pop with stimulating creativity. It also doesn’t distract you too much from bold distractions as a white wall makes a room clean and crisp which is what you would want when focusing on your work.


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