It can be really stressful going home straight from work and being met with a load of clutter, dishes sunk in the sink in greasy water, and a total mess of a house. 

If this sounds like your everyday life, then maybe you’re doing something wrong or you’re missing out on a few tips and tricks on how to keep your house effortlessly clean.

Regular Cleaning

That does not sound effortless at all. Regular cleaning surely requires some muscle and time, right? I know. But tell you what, on the contrary regular cleaning actually requires less effort if you clean your house regularly compared to cleaning every other month. 

Regular cleaning is all about maintenance and keeping a clean house clean. You can do this on a weekly basis or twice a week if you must. Investing a minimum of 30 minutes 4 to 8 times a month is less hassle than sacrificing a whole day to clean up a well-battered home.

Don’t make a mess

This is the simplest yet the hardest thing to do for every homeowner. If you are experiencing problems involving an untidy home, you may be guilty of one of the capital sins: sloth.

You don’t make an effort to keep your house clean; After every meal, you leave your dirty dishes to soak in your sink instead of washing them right there and then. Instead of putting your dirty clothes in the hamper, you leave them wherever you took them off. And, instead of sweeping crumbs of food on the floor after cooking or eating, you kick them under the fridge. 

It’s time to make a change. All these small and sometimes unnoticeable habits contribute to the large literal mess you’re in right now. 

Eliminating these habits will dramatically transform your home to a much more livable space – a cleaner, healthier and less of an eyesore house.

Women with cleaning equipments

Hire a cleaner

If for some reason you can’t really exert even the tiniest effort to keep your house clean then let somebody do it for you. An experienced house cleaning service expert like from  Crystal cleaning services can complete the cleaning process within an hour

Nowadays, it’s very easy to look for a qualified cleaning business because of the Internet. In a sec and a couple of clicks, you’d be able to view all the local cleaning services available complete with reviews and recommendations from their existing and past clients. ` 

Some cleaning businesses like NeatBrite also have user-friendly websites that show all their services, prices, contacts and booking options that makes a pleasant overall experience.

Add more storage

Imagine your house the first time you moved in or how it looked fresh after construction. Now, compare it with how your house looks today. Surely, you’d notice increase in clutter or things that don’t have a definite space to be. These things include your personal belongings: clothes, shoes, books, toys, collectibles; excess kitchenware; electronics including phone chargers, old phones and the like; and added furniture and appliances.

Adding storage or designating a room to contain all the things that you don’t need at the moment can help you make your house look brand new again and free from the suffocating amount of things it has right now. 

Sell stuff you don’t use

It’s hard to let go of things that aren’t broken or not in use because it feels like a waste or sometimes, you’re emotionally attached to them and just can’t let go.

However, because of your attachment to these things, you are building up clutter in your home and in your life. One reason your home is messy is because of things that you don’t actually need, like those three other pairs of slippers hanging around your front door. Not only do they trip up your guests from time to time, they’re also an eyesore. 

Sell the stuff that you don’t need. It’s a win-win. Somebody out there is looking for that very specific stuff you’re hiding untouched and uncared for in your home. That somebody can certainly use it while you can earn some extra income from selling it. 

Be disciplined…

The secret to keeping your house clean is beyond adding storage and hiring a cleaner, it’s all about discipline. Cleaning the house is one thing, but keeping it clean for good is a lifestyle choice. 


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