Planet Mars

Human beings have a lot of theories about science. Many have tried explaining the beginning and the end of the world. Here, we navigate through some of the mind-blowing ideas from dark matter search to the probe to edge aging. You can also get in touch with experts by checking out

The Dark Matter

Astronomers say that there is some missing part of the universe. They call it the missing dark matter. There have been attempts to locate particles of the dark matter. No one has yet come with positive results. Some astrophysicists based in the United States and Europe believes the solution to finding the dark matter lies beneath us.

The attempts made have targeted particles known as weakly interacting massive particles. They are also known as WIMPs. Detectors have in place to detect the energy the particles releases when they hit other atoms’ nuclei. Yet, there has been no detection made so far. The WIMPs do not exist, or there is a need to use more sensitives detectors.

The scientists believe that the collision between the nuclei atoms changes the crystal structure of minerals in certain rocks.

The theorists expect to have findings by the year 2025. If they do not find results, they will have to go back to the drawing board. But if they find results, they will have eliminated a mystery.


In the world today, the AI systems are extraordinary. Through arrays of processors, computer models established on neural brain networks are trained on the boundless chunk of data. Robots can perform better than human beings in some aspects. AI systems have a challenge in understanding our world. Such systems do not know their position in the world too.

The algorithms of the AI systems only use easy learning ideology. By coming up with algorithms that use new approaches in learning and processing of information, the AI systems might begin thinking like us.

In the end, robots will never function like human beings.

Reversible Death

Whenever the human being brain dies, they cease to exist. Yale School of Medicine scientists created a wave early this year when they revived pig brains just after the slaughtering of the animals.

They used BrainEx, a substitute for blood, which develops the recovery of the cells after lacking oxygen. As a result of the finding, some argue that it is possible to revive a dead being. However, the brains had no sign of coordination among other cells.

Though, the chemical did help the brain produce energy and eliminate the waste produced.

There might be some hope for humankind.

Experiments made on the surface of planet Mars has positive results. It suggests that the planet can support life. An experiment labeled the HABIT is to be carried out later in 2020’s summer. They will go to learn the planet’s past and present about life on it.

Will you like to go live on Mars? That’s up to you, depending on the results the scientists will bring back home.


Scientists have been researching finding chemicals that can prevent the aging of humankind. The invention of ‘Elixir,’ a concoction believed to extend youth, brings more hope. What else can you wish for science to offer you? Extensive research is still undergoing to prove the viability of the ‘elixir of youth.’


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