After some time, grime, dirt, and pollutants tend to slowly but surely start accumulating on your windows. As a result, they restrict the glorious sunlight’s penetration during the day and even obstruct your view. Besides, things become worse when you leave thick streaks after a shoddy cleaning.

There are tons of ways and products available in the market to help you clean your residential windows aptly. However, you may have the best and classic window cleaning products, but without proper knowledge and up-to-date techniques, you may never get the crystal clear windows you crave for. We have curated a list of the five latest techniques in cleaning your residential windows to help you.

1. Sweep dust and dirt first

Removing dirt from the window frame using a brush or vacuum cleaner, if you have one, should be the first thing of all. Doing this will ensure that the dirt doesn’t turn into a muddy mess after mixing with the cleaning product.

If your window screen is detachable and it is full grime, it would be best first to remove it from the frame and cleanse it with hot, sudsy water and a lenient brush. After that, rinse the window and let it dry before getting it back in the frame.

Moreover, you can use a damp cloth or microfiber duster to quickly removing dusting shades and minor blinds. Once you finish that, ensure to wipe again with a dry piece of cloth before adding any cleanser.

2. Use the right cleaner

It is always advisable to choose the correct cleansing agent or chemicals for your residential windows. There are many options for window cleaners available to choose from a local or online store. Of the options, the traditional branded chemical cleaners can be the best choice. In other words, these kinds of cleaners are specifically designed and sold as streak-free cleaners. Other than that, you can find the latest window cleaning products that work efficiently with your window screen.

More importantly, ensure that the cleaner is in plenty to dissolve and make dirt loose on the windows. As a result, cleaning and eradicating the dirt becomes an easy task, miss that, and you’ll end up with annoying streaks on your windows. What’s more, follow a proper cleansing procedure to eliminate dirt from the window screen.

3. Use a cleaning robot

With technology changing each day, remarkable robotic machines have been invented to help humans work easier. Such technologies have been witnessed in the cleaning industry with some specialized and designed to clean window screens with ultimate efficiency.

If you are afraid of cleaning vertical windows at greater heights, a suitable robot can be the perfect choice for you. You will find most of them equipped with a higher-speed fan motor, which has excellent and strong suction power for effective cleaning. These robots are also super quiet in their operations and guarantee you no distractions from your neighbors or your daily activities.

4. Find a window cleaning expert

Today, numerous specialists, either individuals or business organizations, are dedicated to providing top-notch window cleaning services. The good thing is that you can find better services at an incredibly affordable price and still get crystal clear and cleaner window screens.

What’s more, they have been well-trained and qualified in this particular field. Plus, most of them find great years of experience. Thus, they know what they are doing and how to do it best. If hiring a robot is quite costly for you, finding a window either online or local market.

5. Use a magnetic window cleaner

Typically, cleaning the exterior side of non-detachable windows is not easy, especially when living in a residential house. To remove the hassle from the process, you can choose to use a magnetic window cleaner. Interestingly, such cleaning tools can cleanse both sides of the window simultaneously. It uses a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe any remains of the liquid cleanser used. What you have to do is to learn how to handle and operate the magnet.

Final Words

Washing or cleaning window screens has never been this easy. With many latest techniques available, you can always choose one that suits your needs. That said, get the best quality and reliable residential window cleaning products and services from BAM Window cleaning company. Their remarkable services and products that guarantee the highest standards with zero streaks, smudges, or scratches makes them the most trusted window cleaning company in Melbourne. More importantly, they have a team of experienced workers who strive to deliver incredible results that satisfies the clients.


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