In the modern age, when people are busy trying to make ends meet, there is little or no time to engage in household chores. This has created an opportunity for service businesses within the household sector. House washing services have become popular, with many homeowners relying on their professionalism to get a clean and satisfying interior and exterior outlook. House washing aims to remove accumulated grime, dirt, and mold to give your house a warm and nice glow. This process may seem simple, but it is wise to enlist a professional’s services to avoid damaging your home and equipment. The gesture can be seen as a move to save on funds, but it turns out to be expensive in the long run. This article focuses on the key things you need to know about house washing.

1. How it works

House washing involves pressure washing to remove accumulated dirt on surfaces. A mechanical pressure washer is used to express liters of water per minute is fitted to a pump. The pressure from the automated washer can be controlled and regulated using the unloader valve.

A pressure cleaning machine is fitted with two or four high-pressure jets with a rotating bar that rotates with water flow. This, in turn, enables the machine to clean dirty surfaces evenly at a faster rate. The stream from a power washer is highly reliable in house washing compared to the regular garden hose due to its ease of control and precision. Pressure washing is mostly used to clean rough surfaces like driveways, footpaths, and concrete walls.

Soft wash is also used in house washing to clean outdoor furniture, wooden surfaces, and other surfaces vulnerable to high pressure. This is done by widening the tip of the pressure washer to reduce pressure. Soft cleaning uses house wash solutions to dissolve and remove dirt, killing other substances on the surface. Owners highly prefer this eco-friendly method as it helps maintain the coating on your exterior walls.

2. Equipment

Hardware stores sell different types of home washing equipment for other purposes. There are two versions of pressure washer equipment home and commercial. As much as the home equipment can perform efficiently, professional equipment has the edge over them and tend to have a longer life span. Before buying your equipment, it is wise to consult with professionals on the best equipment for your home.

3. Limited application

You cannot power-wash everything during your house washing. This cleaning mode is only efficient for cleaning components of your home’s exterior, including walls, concrete surfaces, and windows, among others. It would be best to refrain from washing outdoor fabrics, wooden surfaces, and damaged concrete surfaces because they may get damaged by the pressure.

4. House washing protects your family’s health and house paint

House washing eliminates mold, algae, dirt, and other living organisms that accumulate on surfaces on your home. These agents provide breeding grounds for insects and other microorganisms that pose a threat to you and your family’s life. Regular cleaning helps to maintain a clean surface, thus ensuring the safety of your family’s health.

Cleaning regularly also extends the life of your paint y at least three years. House washing removes dirt and rots on house walls that increase the deterioration of wall paint.

5. Color-coded Nozzles

In house washing, different surfaces are washed using different pressures to avoid damaging the surfaces. For efficient pressure washing equipment come with nozzles in different colors representing different pressures. The white nozzle has the widest stream and is used for soft cleaning; it has an opening of 40 degrees. The green and yellow nozzles have 25 and 15 degrees opening, respectively. The red nozzle is the narrowest and releases the most concentrated stream with very high pressure. The black nozzle has the lowest pressure and is used to dispense soap.

House washing is the best way to improve the outlook of your building, giving you the benefit of a beautiful look. There is no shortcut to achieving a clean exterior; enlist the services of a professional to realize that coveted look. Do diligent research on the best service provider within this industry.


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