Top 5 Vue Templates by Flatlogic

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VueJS is an ultimate JavaScript framework that helps in creating attractive and user-friendly web interfaces. The Mobile application developed with Vue templates works faster than React and Angular. There are various VueJS admin dashboard templates available with many brands. Flatlogic is one of them. In Flatlogic, a team of professionals has created many user-friendly dashboard templates helpful in developing new web applications.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 Vue Templates offered by Flatlogic.

Top 5 Vue Templates

Sing App Vue

Developed with Vue JS 2.5.2 and Bootstrap 4, Sing App Vue is a fully responsive admin dashboard template. The programming framework of this app helps to enhance the speed and quality of the web application. Besides, it also maintains the web application. The Sing App Vue template can build various web applications like E-Commerce web application, SaaS, tracking software, and many more. The Sing App Vue has 8 charts library and 2 dashboards which help in building a user-friendly web page very quickly and easily.

Key Features

  •  jQuery-free
  • Eight Charts Library
  • Two dashboards
  • E-Commerce section
  • Complete documentation
  • Fully responsive
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Sing App Vue Node.js

This fully responsive admin template is a combination of Node.js backend and Postgres database. The Sing App Vue Node.js is a complete backend and frontend template. You can use it as a customer-oriented web application. This app will work excellent when you are creating SaaS, an E-commerce website, or CMS and also will save both time and money. You can easily create customized web pages using this template.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Pages
  • CRUD Application NodeJS
  • Fully responsive
  • Supportive theme
  • E-Commerce Section
  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • Full documentation

Light Blue Vue

Light Blue Vue is a very useful and all-in-one template that provides transparent designs with 2 UI-themes. It helps to build quickstart web applications by using pre-built components and various sample pages. The application has used the latest versions of Vue.js, Vue-bootstrap, and Vue-router.


  • No jQuery
  • Completely Responsive
  • Latest version Vue JS 2.5.2
  • Two Dashboards
  • Included E-Commerce Section
  • Fully Documented

Light Blue Vue Admin

This admin template has used Vue JS and Bootstrap 4. The Light Blue Vue Admin is an ultimate admin template that offers the rarest Vue templates with great designs having classic backgrounds and slightly transparent widgets. It gives you highly attractive admin dashboard designs that are fully responsive and user-friendly. It helps to create an interactive management interface, booking management system, SaaS applications, and many more web applications.


  • Slightly transparent widgets
  • Fully responsive
  • Vue JS 2.5.2 version
  • Error page
  • Icons and all notifications
  • Structured Typography
  • Complete documentation
  • Google maps and charts

Sing App Vue Dashboard

Single App Vue Dashboard admin template works efficiently with Bootstrap 4 and Vue JS 2.5.2. You can use the template and start designing the web applications. You don’t need to start from scratch. The Sing App Vue Template has a variety of templates just for you. You can build SaaS, e-Commerce applications, CRM platforms, and many more creative designs with the help of this admin template. You can create fully responsive and customer-oriented applications of various designs.


  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • Vue JS 2.5.2
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Advanced Forms
  • Notifications & Icons
  • Well-designed Typography
  • Full Documentation
  • Charts & Google Maps

Final Thoughts

There are many more attractive and useful themes created by Flatlogic professionals that provide a creative platform to start building many user-friendly web and mobile applications for the customers and developers of the web applications. You can go for any of your choices and start building magnificent web applications now.

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