How Does the Picture in QLED Differ from OLED?

QLED Differ from OLED

Welcome to the world of new generation TVs! With this new decade, you might get confused by the technical jargon surrounding the TV industry and if you are on a hunt to get a good deal on Black Friday, you have to know all the important things about TVs. Back in the day, TV was a lot simple. There were plasma TVs and LCDs with no such complexities whatsoever. Even what we used to watch on TV was a lot simple. The traditional cable had all the popular local and national channels.

Today, everything has changed. TV technology has become more and more complexed with the introduction of LEDs, UHD, and 8K screens. Similarly, cable providers offer exciting new features with their plans such as on-demand, DVR functionality, and streaming. The internet has become an internet utility and TVs require internet service. If Mediacom is serviceable in your area, we recommend getting Mediacom internet packages for all your smart TVs and smart devices. They offer uninterrupted services with affordable monthly charges.

Nevertheless, two terms that are quite relevant in the TV industry and have been a concern of debate for many consumers are QLED and OLED. How do these technologies differ? Which one is better? What are their prices? Which one should you get? All these questions will be answered in this article:


OLED or Organic Light-Emitting Diode is a new technology. As the name suggests, it has nothing to do with LED or Light Emitting Diode backlight as in LED and QLED TVs. In fact, OLED is advanced as every single pixel in an OLED screen is a tiny LED light. However, it is incredibly thin and thus able to produce color and light in a single element.

In simple words, OLED TVs don’t require an LED backlight as each pixel is capable of producing its own light. These screens are often termed as self-emissive.



Quantum Light-emitting Diode or QLED is just like a regular LED. The only difference is that QLEDs use tiny nanoparticles called quantum dots. These nanoparticles super-charge their color and brightness. This technology was initially introduced by Sony in 2013 and later on, other companies started to capitalize on it.

Although a standard QLED produces more or less the same light as your regular LED TV, the only difference is the backlight, which is made up of more than a hundred (even thousands) LEDs sitting behind the LCD panel.


Let’s compare these two TVs:


We have heard this term a lot but most of us don’t even know what it means in the world of TVs. In simple words, it is the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of an image. If your TV can deliver a smooth black portion, it does not have to make the other parts bright to achieve a good contrast. Out of these two, OLED has better contrast.


When it comes to brightness, QLED screens have better brightness. Since they use separate backlights instead of relying on crystals to create their own light, the images come out very bright. Quantum dots can maximize the light and produce brighter hues without losing saturation. Therefore, the image can be seen even in the brightest of spaces. Conversely, OLED panels cannot compete with QLEDs in brightness. The light-emitting pixels can’t produce the same amount of light. In a dark room, it works just fine. However, in brighter environments, QLEDs perform better and are more visible.

Color Spaces

When it was launched, OLED had no competition in this section. However, with the introduction of QLED TVs, the technology was one step ahead in terms of color brightness, color accuracy, and color volume.

Refresh Rate

If you are a gamer, this option might concern you. Faster response times mean a crispier image during fast-paced action. Although you need an eye for telling the difference, OLEDs are proven to have a better refresh rate.

Viewing Angle

QLEDs look better when viewed from the center. On the other hand, OLEDs can be viewed from any angle without compromising on the picture quality.

Final Verdict

Both of the technologies are quite impressive. However, OLEDs stand out in every aspect.

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