Why is the CTET Exam Called the First Step to Get a Government Teaching Job?

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Before applying for any government-teaching job, you need to be a CTET certificate holder. Therefore, you need to fill out the CTET Application Form first. CBSE organizes the CTET exam once a year. Earlier, it used to organize two times. CTET stands for Central Teachers Eligibility Test and the motto of this exam is to analyze the capability of a teacher.

Passing this exam means, you are allowed to apply for a government-teaching job. To put it in simple words, it can be said that CTET certificates help to provide qualified teachers in schools under the government. Make sure you have started your preparation if supposed to appear in this exam as it is a bit tricky exam. Get help from online platforms by going through the mock test, previous year’s question paper, notes, CTET Answer Key, and so on to have a better understanding of this exam.

If you are one of them who want to take teaching as a career then you must go for this exam so that you can have a bright future becoming a government teacher. Clearing this exam is a first step to clearing so that you can apply for a government teaching job in different organizations whenever vacancies are opened.

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Why you Need to have CTET Certificate

If you want to be a teacher in a government school, then you should have a CTET Certificate. This certificate makes you eligible to apply for the vacancy announced by different government platforms. Most of you might be thinking that why do you require to have a CTET certificate. Stop thinking too much as we are going to explore here in a detailed manner.

  • Adds Value To Your Profession – CTET Certificate is regarded as being the minimum eligibility if you want to apply for a central government job. If you clear this exam and are passed with a high score then you will be a CTET holder. To put it in simple words, this certificate will be adding incredible value to your profile.
  • You Get Access to All Central Government Platforms – Once you acquire a CTET certificate, you will be allowed to apply to all central government platforms easily. Most good teachers cannot apply for it since they are not having this certificate.  However, if you hold this CTET certificate then you do not need to think twice ever. You are allowed to apply for all types of Central Government Teaching jobs including:
    • ERDO,
    • KVS,
    • NVS Army Teacher
    • And so on.
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It does not matter what qualification you have, how passionate towards your career, or how much experience you have. If you do not have a CTET certificate, you cannot go for government jobs. It will be quite disappointing when you will not be allowed to apply for this government-teaching job. It will be better if you hold this certificate and can go ahead with the desired job without confronting any hassles.

  • Reputed Private Institutes Also Prefer CTET Certificate Holder  Candidates – You may not believe that some reputed private institutes holders also prefer to go with the candidates having CTET Certificates. This certificate makes your profile different from others.
  • Enhance Chance Of Getting A Government Teaching Job – Holding a CTET certificate means you are enhancing the chance of getting a government-teaching job indeed. You will be shortlisted first in the comparison of other candidates since your profile seems promising in comparison to others.

How Many Marks you Need to Grab

Most of you might be thinking about how many marks you need to have to get this incredible teaching eligibility certificate. You need to secure 60% and above marks since only then you will be having this eligibility certificate. Though candidates belonging to SC/ST, OBC, and Differently-abled may get concessions. If you think that this exam might be easy then you are wrong. It is quite tricky and you need to prepare it in an ideal manner so that you can achieve a great score indeed.

  • If you belong to General Category then you need to have a 60% Qualifying Percentage. It means you would be required 90 passing marks out of 150.
  • If you belong to OBC/SC/ST category then you require to have a 55% Qualifying Percentage. It means you need to secure at least 82 marks out of 150 marks.

Validity Of CTET Certificate

A CTET certificate holds a validity of 7 years. Candidates who want to make their career in the government teaching job line need to acquire this certificate to proceed further. The best thing is that you can attempt this exam innumerable times. There is no specific restriction regarding the attempts of this exam. Moreover, CTET qualified individuals can also attempt the exam repeatedly if they are not satisfied with their performance in the exam.

In the Last

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead to get into the government teaching job. Get your CTET certificate to give an ideal kick-off for your successful government teaching job.

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