Gogopdf File Converter: Your Online Tool to Transform Excel Into PDF Format


Many people have been using Excel spreadsheets in so many ways. You can make different grids of numbers, texts, symbols and even incorporate mathematical formulas for calculation and data interpretation. Most established and start-up companies use Excel spreadsheets for records and information safe-keeping, such as quarterly or yearly income and expenses, assets and liabilities, planning, budgeting, and inventory forms. 

However, this file format’s downside is that it tends to alter its format, layout, and the entire file set-up when you access and open it using a different device and operating system. In this case, you need to convert your Excel spreadsheets to a more fixed and reliable file format, and that’s PDF. 

You can search the internet and find tons of file conversion tool providers. However, one of these platforms that most people have tried and trusted for many years is Gogopdf. Read the complete details below about the Gogopdf file converter that you’ll need to complete your file conversion task. 

Fast Conversion Process

Since time is so valuable to everyone, Gogopdf uses a smart file conversion technology to transform your files in Excel to PDF in no time. You don’t need to wait for hours to complete a file conversion task. You only have to spend a couple of minutes, and your Excel spreadsheets get converted to a PDF format as quickly as possible. 

The first part of this file conversion procedure is to go to the official website of Gogopdf and upload your files on its file converter online. The system will begin scanning every single sheet of your Excel and carefully transforming them into a PDF file. Once the screen shows that it’s done, you can now save the PDF version of your Excel on your smartphone or computer. There you go! Your PDFs are ready for use for whatever task or project you’re working on right now. 

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Results of High-Quality

Besides having a quick conversion process, the online file converter you have to choose should be result-oriented. It means that the tool can produce converted PDFs of high quality. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the place because it’s one of the fantastic features of Gogopdf to produce converted outputs with high quality and standards. 

As mentioned earlier, Gogopdf uses the most reliable file conversion technology that will process the file conversion with accuracy. Hence, every single detail that you’ve included in your Excel will retain in the PDF format. 

That’s why many people who have experienced using the file converter of Gogopdf would feel that they were still using the Excel spreadsheets because the Excel and the PDF copy are entirely the same. That’s the quality of converted outputs that Gogopdf can give you for your files. 

Trouble-Free Online File Converter

Using the online file converter of Gogopdf will surely give you a trouble-free experience. The tool doesn’t require you to install any additional apps or add computer software before using it. You only have to visit the Gogopdf website, upload your files, wait for a couple of minutes, and your Excel spreadsheets get converted to PDF right away. 

Moreover, the file converter is compatible with many devices and operating systems. Laptops and desktop computers with Linux, Mac, or Windows OS are all compatible with the online tool. Handy devices like tablets or smartphones, you’ll also never experience any technical problems while using the tool, even if it’s an Android or iPhone. 

In accessing the Gogopdf website to use the tool, you’ll have many options. You have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and many other web portals available today. Besides that, Gogopdf has a simple web interface that will give an easy and trouble-free website navigation experience. 

You only have to follow the quick conversion procedure by hitting a couple of buttons, and it’s done. Hence, the Gogopdf file converter will never give you any device or OS compatibility issues, and you’ll indeed have a fantastic web navigation experience. 

Safe File Converter

Another important factor in looking for an online tool is its capability to make your files safe. Your Excel spreadsheets might contain important information and sensitive data.  Because of this, you might have a second thought in uploading your Excel on the file converter of Gogopdf. Don’t worry because Gogopdf completely understands your point. 

That’s why the developers of this platform made sure that the tool will make your file’s safety its top priority. Hence, after you’ve downloaded the converted PDF copies of your Excel in your file storage, Gogopdf will delete all your uploaded files from its server permanently. This way, no one can locate, retrieve, and access your files without your knowledge. That’s why using the GogPDF file converter is safe for your files. 


Converting your Excel spreadsheets to PDF format may seem stressful and time-consuming, especially if you need to consider a couple of factors before choosing the right one. However, the things discussed above will significantly help finalize your decision and start using the Gogopdf platform for your files. Hence, if you have Excel spreadsheets in your file storage right now, go ahead and convert them to PDF.  

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