Are you planning to buy a car? The Internet may probably not be the best place to do so since various scams take place online. However, we cannot deny that you can choose so many great options online with most people choosing to post their cars online. Making a sell on cars can be challenging when you don’t take advantage of the platforms online; unless you know many people and can find referrals or sell by word-of-mouth. It goes the same with buyers. Rarely do you see cars nowadays with a “for sale” note posted at the back; again, unless you know people who sell cars and such.

Instead of choosing not to buy online and depriving ourselves of good cars that could have been a part of what we can choose from, it’s best to learn how to avoid car buying scams. Here are some of the tips you can follow to avoid falling victim to these scams:

Make sure the website or seller you’re shopping from is reputable and credible.

You’ll know whether a website or seller is reputable when they have good reviews. You can look up these reviews on the Internet. There can be blogs and testimonials on their customer experience from a website or seller. You can also ask your friends and family who have experiences of buying cars online. Ask people you trust who wouldn’t want you to get scammed.

Never ever agree to send money without meeting.

Most scams are all money-based such as fake escrows and fake shipping fees. They’ll tell you there are additional costs, non-existent fees, or double the original cost of shipping. Worst among these are “too good to be true” scams. They’ll post a photo of a good car with a price lower than what they should sell the vehicle at. They’ll make up reasons on why you should send the money first. After you’ve sent it, they’ll be gone, and you’ll most probably never hear from them again.

Don’t believe every picture posted online.

 It’s easy to search and download photos of cars from Google or even from other sellers. More so, they can even manipulate the images through Photoshop to make it believable. Some sellers post pictures of the can when they first bought it. Assess the car in person first; better if you bring a trained mechanic to check whether the vehicle is in good shape.

Always opt for payment options that are secure and traceable.

Avoid using non-traditional payment methods, wire transfers, and prepaid credit cars. Cash-only deals, handshake deals, and costly upfront payments are also something you should not agree to. Some sellers do not have the best intentions with your agreement. It’s always a wise decision to secure your payment, so you won’t regret anything when the sale becomes awry.

The Internet can be a scary place to shop in. From the most miniature items like clothes, down to the most expensive things you can buy on the Internet like cars, there will be people who will try to fool you. We need to remain vigilant and knowledgeable on how to prevent these things from happening.


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