For the avid sports family out there, you may want to consider turning your backyard into a haven for your favorite sports. Creating a private sports oasis sounds like a monumental job, but as long as you’ve got enough outdoor space it doesn’t have to be. As the summer months approach, it’s an excellent project to get your teeth sunk into. You’re probably sat with no idea where to start, and that’s understandable, so keep reading to get some great ideas for your backyard sports oasis.

Before You Start

Unless you have a really large outdoor space and the finances to build yourself a sports center, you’ll need to make some decisions and decide on one or two sports that your family will enjoy – only then can you start planning.

Before you begin, you also need to consider the space available to you. If you’re lucky enough to have enough land, you can install a full basketball field with two hoops and the works, but if you have a small backyard, you will have to settle for the one hoop.

Once you’ve decided on what sport you’re going to install, you need to decide what surface to go for. Grass makes a good choice of surface in a range of sports but it’s very difficult to maintain – this can lead to more cost when you have to invest in high quality water removal tools and other maintenance equipment.

When it comes to kitting your garden out, it’s a good idea to choose portable equipment that you can store during the winter months (and replace when the kids get bored).

Flag Football

America’s favorite game, not to be confused with soccer, football is a fantastic way to blow off steam. Traditionally, the game involves a lot of tackling, you can eliminate this element by making it contact-free and investing in a flag football set. This is the ideal game for any budget because you don’t even need to do anything other than buying the gear and making sure the ground is soft.


Invest in a basketball hoop and enjoy physical activity for the entire family. If you have kids, they will be the envy of the other kids in the neighborhood – not only will they be able to make great memories but you’ve just earned them popularity points. Installing a basketball hoop doesn’t need to cost much, all you have to do once you’ve bought and installed it is make sure the ground is dribble-friendly.


Everybody loves the swings, but this one might be something more appropriate for the little ones. Not only does a swing provide hours of fun, but it also provides a good source of exercise. What’s even better is that your kid doesn’t even need any special skillset because most kids can swing their legs – and if they can’t then make the effort and give them a push and benefit from a handy workout yourself.


You don’t need to fit a full-size court into your garden; all you need is a couple of rackets and some concrete surfacing. Alternatively, if you don’t have space, you could invest in a swingball set to be enjoyed by the entire family.

There are endless possibilities for transforming your outdoor space into a sports oasis. You can be as creative as you want to be and there is an idea to suit any budget. The most important thing is that you have fun with it and create something that the entire family can benefit from.


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