Have you modernized your kitchen by replacing electric or gas stove with an induction cooktop? This is great and may give you the ease of handling with sophisticated looks but have you noticed your food sometimes burns or cooktop automatically shut off when cooking. What is making your cooktop mysterious?

This is nothing special with you. As this induction technology, the is comparatively new and may give you a tough time off and on but you don’t have to be worried about it. Here you will not only get the solution to your specific induction cooktop problem but you will also get to know about other problems that will keep you aware of future issues. Let’s step in this induction cooktop troubleshooting guide for more details.

Induction Cooktop Problems – Get the solution!

Start figuring out what problem you are facing in your cooktop and also get about other issues for safer use in the future. 

Pan not heating!

You may say pan the HEART of the induction cooktop! If it is alright, the stovetop will be fine. If your pan is not heating at the top, it shows two possible reasons for this problem. First, the material of the pan and second, its position. The pan must be compatible with the top. As the induction top works on the principle of heating by electromagnetic field, you must use a pan that is sensitive to be detected by the cooktop.

Let me clear that you may also have to set aside all your old cookware and upgrade with cast iron pots. The pots of this material are best suited for the induction cooktop. Some of the stainless-steel pots may give you the chance to be used but not all. How you can check either your pot is compatible to work on your new top or not? This is simple. Take a magnet and attach it with the container. If it binds, it means you can use this pot on top but if it fails, never use it again for cooking on the cooktop.

If you are using the right pot and still it is not heating, why? This is because you haven’t placed the pot at the right position in the cooking zone. Place it evenly without letting any side to hang over the surface.

When you will work on these problems, your will pan will start heating.

Food burning issues

If you are facing food burning issues on the induction cooktop, you probably think that you have made a wrong choice by setting this top but it is not like that. It is not the cooktop that is faulty but your pots. Pots have a big role in the efficiency of the top. They must be compatible, rightly placed, and must not be lightweight. Select the best cookware as too light pots got overheated rather than cooking the food to its taste.

So, select a pot that is neither too heavy to damage the surface nor too lightweight that got burned. 

Faulty burner

This is a very common problem of the induction cooktops that they do not heat for their faulty copper coil. Underneath the glass top, there is a coil that makes the cooking possible by providing an electromagnetic field. If it gets damaged, there will be no source of energy.

If you are also facing this problem go and access the coil to check any damage.

The cooktop shuts off automatically!

Is your induction cooktop magical that shuts off when you are cooking? No, it is not the magic that turns it off as your stovetop is set on the automatic feature that makes it off after some time.

When the system detects time that has reached the limit, it makes the cooking unit off. The second most common reason for this problem could be the sensors that turn it off. When the sensors detect that there is no cookware on the burner, they shut it off. To deal with this problem, make sure that cookware is centrally placed. If they are displaced, the sensor will not detect and make a delay in your cooking by automatically turning it off.

This may also turn off due to the overheating of the burner. In this case, you have to check the vent holes and they must be uncovered.

We may say it as the safety feature that keeps the unit under control and prevent from any mishap if you forget to turn off after winding up cooking. So, don’t show any negligence when dealing with the cooktop and keep an eye on the burner.


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