Telecommuting is one of the things that has gotten more popular with the help of the Internet. As we gear towards a more connected world, more and more people find working from home a great and effective way to make a living. Traditional jobs ranging from accounting, human resources, as well as web development, have seen a shift from workers being hired as work from home employees.

If you are considering making the jump from having an office job to telecommuting, you’ll need a couple of tools that will make the transition more seamless. With the help of the Internet, office software tools that are deemed too expensive to buy before now have browser-based alternatives. And they’re pretty much for free! Here are web-based applications to bookmark to make working from home a breeze:

A suite of PDF Editing applications

PDF editing usually takes place with standalone software that focuses on a bevy of editing tasks. Nowadays, though, you don’t need separate software to do basic PDF edits like splitting a PDF, password protecting it, or when you want to convert PDF to Excel. Sites like PDF Bear has a suite of applications that you can access for specific edits, and the functions as well the operations you can do are wide-ranging.

The benefit of doing your PDF editing online is that you can access the tools anywhere. You don’t need to have your laptop with you always – as long as you have a working Internet connection and a browser, then you are pretty much good to go! You don’t even need to be loyal to one specific site, because there are thousands of options you can choose from!

An online grammar checking tool

Most online jobs involve writing in English. Especially if you work for an outsourcing firm that offers search engine optimization jobs like content writing, social media management, and web development, these firms usually hire talents worldwide and would ask their employees to be fluent in English. That’s why it’s wise to have a web-based grammar checker before you send out emails, proposals, and other documents.

A site that Lets you Concentrate on your Task at Hand

The Pomodoro Technique has been used by many to increase productivity for quite some time now. It’s a time management technique that lets workers focus on the task at hand for twenty-five minutes, then you decide on what type of break to get – five or ten minutes. It’s an effective way to get through a particularly difficult task or don’t feel like doing anything that day.

Concentrating can be hard, especially if you do the same tasks every day. You lose patience and creativity. To combat this, search for a Pomodoro timer site – they abound in the Interwebs – and see for yourself what it can do. Or, if you want to make things more efficient, pair the Pomodoro timer site with a social media blocker so that you focus more.

A suite of online Office apps

Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation apps have since become a mainstay in any office worker’s life. If anything, these standalone apps have become more collaborative over the years. But with the help of the Internet, you don’t need these expensive tools anymore. If you have a Gmail account, you’re pretty much entitled to have a bevy of web-based Office apps – Docs, Sheets, Presentation,  etc.


These browser-based apps all depend on how efficient your default browser is. So choose wisely. If you have a good working laptop with advanced specs, your best bet is Chrome. If you are using a Mac, Safari is a great choice.

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