How you can Use Digital Signage to Promote Your New Cafe

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A new cafe is a very exciting venture, and you obviously want to do as much as possible to make it succeed. So, you want to promote it with a myriad of tools at your disposal. Digital signage is one tool that will really help you with this purpose. In fact, you can easily get the best out of it using the digital signage templates on PosterMyWall.

The use of this tool is quite underrated, as you can do a lot with digital signage. With just a few screens placed around the cafe, you can run multiple promotions and showcase what you have to offer. Here are a few ways you can do this.

create Digital Menus

This is the most obvious thing and one of the first designs you should make. You can make digital menus using online templates, and then display them on screens in your cafe. Make sure the design fits with the aesthetic of your cafe, and test how it shows up on screens.

A digital menu is also easy to update, so you can change up the day’s specials easily, and add or remove items according to availability or seasons. This menu is also easy to refer to for visitors.

showcase Your Specialties

While you do have your complete menu, you may have some daily specials or seasonal offerings you want to highlight. Create an attractive digital poster related to these specials, and attract people by displaying it on your digital signage.

Showcasing your specials like this will ensure they grab your customers’ attention, making them more likely to order the items.

advertise Deals and Discounts

If you have any special deals and discounts going on, you need to display them on your digital signage. Bring attention to these discounts and offers by using animated stickers and other such eye-catching elements in your sign.

Make sure these are displayed prominently on your screens and are frequently shown when the screens are cycling through the digital signage of the day, with specials, deals, and other updates being shared. You can display these for a limited time, and make their limited nature clear in the signage. This will create a sense of urgency in your customers.

show Waiting Time and Availability

This is a great way to keep your customers updated, especially if you’re set to receive a lot of footfall and hype. When you have an influx of customers, they will want to know how long their order will take. In addition, in the beginning, you might run out of popular items.

So, you can display the order or seating waiting time and item availability on your digital signage. Use the customer order numbers for this purpose, so that they can have something to refer to when looking at the screens. As for the wait for seating, you can have customers take a number and wait for that number to appear on your digital sign when something opens up.

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display Your Social Media Feeds

Hype up your cafe by displaying your social media feeds and reshared posts by customers, influencers, and other online denizens. You can find tools that plug in with your social media platforms in order to create social media walls for this purpose.

These screens will show the conversation around your cafe and will show passersby how popular you are, tempting them to come in. So, this is an excellent way to pull in potential customers. This will also encourage people to take pictures and share posts on their own social media platforms about your cafe, giving you extra promotion.

Highlight your Reviews and Coverage

When the reviews for your new cafe start coming in, don’t be shy in highlighting them. Take these reviews, and any media coverage, and share them on your digital signage. You can use various templates to arrange these reviews in an appealing manner, and then share them to your cafe screens.

As a new cafe, you’ll also be likely to receive some sort of coverage on online media platforms. Mention this coverage and any recognition you get in your digital signage, so that potential customers are impressed by your popularity.

create Interactive Displays

You can even use digital signage to offer customers entertainment. Run mini-games on your digital signage, especially if you have touch screens. Encourage customers to interact with these displays, and offer discounts, codes, or free items to the winners. This is sure to generate online conversation and will increase your footfall.

This will not only let your customers have fun but also establish your identity as a brand, leading to increased conversation and coverage.

In conclusion, there is a lot you can do with digital signage. PosterMyWall is an easy tool for this purpose, as it integrates with various signage platforms like Raydiant and Screencloud, so you can instantly share your designs with your signage.

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