Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget

eat healthy food

When your budget is tight, It can be quite expensive to eat nutritious foods or a balanced diet including vegetables and fruits. However, you can save money and still eat nutritious meals. Let’s find out some tips to help you eat healthily when on a tight budget.

always create a checklist

After making your weekly plan, have a shopping checklist for what you intend to buy. This makes the shopping process faster and easier, reducing impulsive purchases, and buying only what you require.

If you intend to buy items like grains, beans, and nuts, then consider using a grocery delivery app and buying in bulk. You can save money with grocery delivery apps while also ensuring you are stocked up on items for the future.

make meal plans

A meal plan is very important if you intend to save money when shopping at the grocery store. Choose a day every week to plan the meals for the forthcoming week. Check your cabinets and fridges to know what you own already. Remember to only buy what you intend to use. Doing this ensures you don’t throw away what you bought but didn’t use.

prepare your meals at home

It costs less to cook at home than purchasing takeout, so try to make it a habit to prepare your meals instead of eating out. Some individuals prefer to cook meals each day, while others consider it better to cook for the whole week on weekends. An additional health benefit of preparing your meals at home is that you know the ingredients that make up the meal.

try meatless meals

Plant-based proteins are more affordable and nutritious than fish and meats. If you are craving meat, try incorporating smaller amounts as condiments or flavor. Place a greater focus on plant proteins like tofu and beans. This helps you save money, boost nutrition, and increase meal volume.

Subscription Meal Plan

don’t buy more perishables than your consumption

Except you intend to freeze the perishable items, you shouldn’t buy more than you need, due to food waste and spoilage. Learn to store items for longer shelf life and also be mindful of perishable foods.

consider buying in bulk

You can save more when you buy in bulk at the supermarket. The low price of bulk buying helps many families afford to eat healthy. However, it is important to only bulk-buy foods you can easily store, such as spices, pasta, canned goods, and rice. For produce, ensure you freeze a part of it to help it last longer. Remember, since the aim is to eat healthily, it would be better to not buy things like candy or cookies in bulk.

love private-label items

Many private-label items or store brands are just as nutritious as brand-name items and often contain the same ingredients while being less costly. As a result, you can save money when you swap out some brand-name items.


You can eat well without emptying your pockets. There are several ways to eat nutritious meals on a tight budget like making meal plans and preparing home meals. Take the above tips into consideration to help you stay healthy and spend less.

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