8 Tools Every Akron Construction Company Needs for Maximum Efficiency

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Most construction companies will agree that efficiency is key to meeting project deadlines and ensuring customer satisfaction. The tools and machinery you use affect your crew’s ability to be efficient. We have compiled a list of tools every construction company needs to maximize efficiency.

Composition Mats

Composition mats are large, flexible material rolls that create a layer of concrete. Composition mats are lighter in weight than transporting concrete materials, making the job easier for your crew members. They’re also easier to transport than wooden mats, a common alternative. These mats are extremely durable, easy to work with, and reusable. Your workers can drive across them, meaning they won’t ruin the flow of workers coming and going from the job site.

Skid Steer Buckets

Skid steer buckets are heavy-duty and highly compact, making them an excellent option for job sites. Construction workers can use skid steer buckets when digging or transporting hazardous materials. They’re also an efficient tool for moving large quantities of rock or gravel. The smooth steel design makes them easy to clean, meaning your workers can quickly move on to the next job. With a higher capacity than other similar products, they also cut down on the time it takes to move heavy items from one part of the job site to another.

Electric-Powered Machinery

Ditching diesel engines and transitioning to electric-powered ones offers many advantages to construction crews. Electric engines require less maintenance, allowing you to focus more on the job at hand. You can also reduce equipment downtime, one of the biggest barriers to efficiency.

Recharging your devices is also easier and cleaner than having to refuel, a task that many workers dread doing. Transitioning to electric equipment is also an eco-friendly practice that can help lower your construction costs.

Durable Work Trucks

On that note, a durable work truck is also a must. Whether you choose diesel or electric, the quality of your work trucks makes a difference. Reliable work trucks mean your crew members can get to and from different job sites on a timely schedule. It also means they’re capable of transporting materials and equipment without problems. Make sure you give your work crew fleet the important consideration it requires.

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Laser Level

Lasering levels make it easier to ensure level terrain and build, speeding up the time necessary to complete these necessary checks. Additionally, laser levels are around ten times more accurate than a normal level and allow you to check the level of different builds from a farther distance, a huge perk on larger job sites. Even better, laser levels are very easy to set up and use.

Power Washer

Don’t underestimate the advantages of having a power washer on the job site. Power washers come in handy when finalizing a project. They also keep equipment and tools clean between jobs, which helps them last longer. Your crews can also easily get back to work after heavy rain with access to a good-quality power washer. You can also easily clean up after a last-minute renovation or repair job and leave the site looking better than it did when you arrived, helping improve your customer satisfaction rates.

Extra Safety Gear

You can never have too much safety gear at a job site. Having extra safety gear available to your construction workers ensures everyone has the tools to stay safe. A few items to ensure you have plenty include hard hats, safety glasses, and protective footwear. Having strict safety gear guidelines can also help ensure a safe and efficient job site.

Portable Wi-Fi

Portable Wi-Fi can be another excellent addition to your job site. You may have limited service or internet if you and your crews frequently work on new builds or remote projects. This can make it difficult for crew members to call or communicate with others with issues. It can also limit your crew availability, especially for crew members who may not be comfortable working all day without a secure connection. A portable Wi-Fi or hotspot allows you and your workers to stay connected regardless of where your job takes you.

Crew leaders can maintain an efficient construction site with the use of certain tools and equipment, like composition mats and skid steer buckets. Ensuring you have extra safety gear and portable Wi-Fi also improves the efficiency of your job site. These extra tools and features can be the difference between you and other construction crews, earning you better ratings and allowing you to complete jobs quickly.

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